Meet Sharon: Lin A Versatile UIUX Designer

Using design to express yourself has never been easier. Digitalization has opened a world of possibilities for those who know how to put their creativity in action.  But, as great as this may sound, such a situation has its drawbacks. The competition is fierce and putting your best foot forward may be your only chancestuff

Meet Vasco Ramos: A CS Student with a Promising Career

Despite the continuous rise of the IT sector, meeting an excellent programmer is still pretty challenging. They are like unicorns. Why is this so?  Because there is so much more to making a good programmer than exceptional coding skills.  A good programmer also shows impressive communication skills, passion for their work, and the willingness tostuff

It’s nice to hear that there are young people who constantly improve themselves, work on new skills, and comprehend learning as a permanent process.  What is even nicer is when they put their knowledge at the service of the community, and they work not only for their own success but for the betterment of allstuff

Self-improvement through learning and chance were never quite best friends. And what exactly does this for succeeding in your career? Well, it means that talent and intelligence are not necessarily enough to succeed. To unleash your full professional potential, you need to keep developing your skills. In other words, talent needs to be accompanied bystuff

When you are constantly committed to learning and improving your skills, success is inevitable. This young, hardworking computer science student is a true proof of that. Steve McIntosh ( is a 21-year-old student of Computer Science, specifically Software Engineering. He gained knowledge of programming languages ​​such as: C ++, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Java,stuff

Ever asked yourself what it’s like to create the building blocks of the online world? What it’s like to be fluent in digital languages? What is it like, to wit, to work in web design and development? Alan Varghese ( can answer that question for you. This multi-talented .MEr wears multiple hats. Alan is astuff

Her artistic style is experimental and laboratorial. A visual artist who constantly tries out various techniques and stylistic approaches. She adores imperfection, small details, naive mistakes and intuitive decisions when visualising complex concepts. This is how Alexandra Nikolova (Ål Nik for short) introduces herself on her website. She is a key part of many projectsstuff

Digital tools and traditional art don’t have to be dichotomies. In fact, novel technologies can help artists convey their ideas in amazing ways.  And the example of Nihad Nadam, the impressive guy behind, proves this 100 percent true.  Nihad is a Dubai-based multi-disciplinary visual artist and creative strategist. He specializes in digital calligraphy, design,stuff

When you read how this professional photographer introduces himself on his website as “a hired shooter”, many things might come to your mind. You might think of a couple in love having their pictures taken on their wedding day. A drop of water being photographed ridiculously close. Or if you’re like me, you might thinkstuff

Thinking about making a career on YouTube? With over 14.3 billion monthly visits, YouTube has become a genuine launchpad for content creators of all shapes and sizes. However, like in any overpopulated digital ecosystem, the competition is fierce. Around 694,000 hours of video are streamed on YouTube each minute. So putting your content in frontstuff

When creating something new, you can never be sure whether you are on the right track. And frankly, a pat on the back when not deserved does more harm than good. Bad feedback distracts you from creating great things. On the other hand, constructive criticism will improve your work, making you look at your projectstuff

Isabel Grace Villar Dimaranan The Captivating Power of Photography (An Interview)

There is a photographer who turns ostensibly ordinary moments into an unspoken narrative of something familiar, poetic, collectively unconscious, and mysterious. But also, filled with warmth and humanity. Her name is Isabel Grace Villar Dimaranan, or shorter IGVD (igvd.ME).  Isabel is a Los Angeles-based photographer with experience in both editorial and documentary photography. Coming fromstuff

Today, we would like to introduce you to quite special .ME members. They’re the pioneers of a new entrepreneurial spirit. They don’t fall under the toxic premise that wiping out the competition is justified and even preferable business tactic. Instead, they hone the concept of helping others stand on the shoulders of giants.  What’s more,stuff

Content marketing is the crowning jewel of your digital presence. Content marketing answers your customers’ questions and raises awareness about your brand. And not only that. It also builds trust with the audience, helping you generate leads and boost conversions. It nurtures strong relationships with your online community and inspires brand loyalty. Simply put, contentstuff

There are approximately 400 million small-sized enterprises in the world. If you are among those (or if you want to start out), you’ll certainly have many questions, worries, and doubts. How to handle competition and grow your small business? How to increase revenue? And how to even survive as a business? Clearly, strong marketing isstuff

Nowadays, being online is no advantage. Just about every business offers its products and services online. So, merely being online doesn’t cut it. That’s why online businesses try to boost their performance, improve their online presence, and reach the right audience. And channels for this are constantly changing, which is why an agile approach tostuff

You all know what search engines are. Really, it’s hard to imagine surfing online without a search engine. Chances are, you used one to land on this very article. However, have you ever heard of something called a metasearch engine? Metasearch engines are online information retrieval tools that use search engine data to produce theirstuff

Clinical trials are clinical experiments and studies done on patients. They serve to answer specific questions about clinical interventions. Primarily, clinical trials help researchers and drug companies improve medical treatments. Not to mention that diseases can then be more precisely diagnosed and prevented. But doing clinical trials is hard. And just finding the right participantsstuff

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