As it was mentioned on TechCrunch, ThreeWords.ME is a very interesting website with a simple premise: invite your friends and online followers to describe you with three words. As a result of this catchy and original idea, the site started growing in popularity by feeding off retweets and Facebook shares, which eventually resulted in 253stuff

Looking for a solution that would help your online business reach its full potential? Look no more – Code.ME is a full service interactive agency which helps brands and companies build and deploy multichannel strategies. The brand is part of of BrandsLike.ME group which branded their online business chiefly with .ME domain names (in additionstuff

Hover.ME, a new must-have tool developed on, is another victory for .ME domains in the social media world! This browser plug-in, recently released by AculisNet, currently works on Twitter interface only and enables users to view their friends’ social web profile simply by mousing over their name in the Twitter stream. Therefore, using,stuff

Personal profile startup launched publicly, oh, all of four days ago. And, boom. Today AOL (our parent company), will announce that they’ve acquired the company. It will become part of the consumer applications group, led by AOL exec Brad Garlinghouse. Making About.Me a sister company to TechCrunch. Not because isn’t a potentially fascinatingstuff

.ME has been already recognized for the ability to create call-to-action and its world wide usage for personalized websites, blogs and e-mail addresses. But what about its use for mobile websites? Roger Whabe, President of Yooter Interactive, shared his opinion about .ME’s mobile potential at TribbleAdAgency. “When .me showed up it was a no-brainer, it’sstuff

One of the Internet’s newest and most alluring startups, About.Me, is live on the Web. The site will allow anyone to quickly and simply assemble a personal splash page, all-inclusive of every social network to which they belong. “About-dot-Me is all about you… just like dot-ME itself,” notes Predrag Lesic, Executive Director of the .MEstuff

When we talk about various uses of .ME domains one of the first things that crosses our mind (and hopefully our supporters’ mind:) ) is personal usage. Spexis.ME is actually among the best examples from this category – it has integrated blog, gallery and social networks accounts. Most importantly it features very interesting observations andstuff

Big .ME premium names auction hosted by SEDO (November 11-18) ended yesterday with tremendous results. Total auction revenue was close to $400 000, and Like.ME proved to be by far the most appealing domain name with the winning bid of $26 500. The outcome of the bidding is yet another proof that one of thestuff

On the 18th Balkan Olympiad in informatics, which officially ended on November 6th, Montenegrin high-school students scored first points for their country. Although they did not manage to get any of the medals (scores for gold, silver and bronze were predetermined), the placement is still considered a success, since this is the  first time Montenegrostuff

Like2.ME is a new, cool service on a .ME domain name! It actually allows you to create your own “like” on Facebook, and leave a comment about it. Like2.ME also lists all “likes” as well as popular “likes”, which helps you measure popularity of your own catch phrase, sentence or a joke. Are you creativestuff

Starting November 11, 2010, you’ll have a chance to Text.Me, Track.Me, Finance.Me or Friend.Me if you score the winning bid from a long list of catchy .ME names – all of which make dynamic call-to-action domains. This is the latest in a series of successful .ME online auctions, hosted by Sedo, since the top levelstuff

No more searching the Kindle, Nook, and iBook stores to find the eBook you want at the price you want. Search once with Leatherbound.ME! Although this book comparator site was apparently built in 48 hours it has become quite popular (it has been already featured at TechCrunch blog, ReadWriteWeb and Lifehacker). The service is user-friendlystuff

Clicky.ME, one of the most widely used .ME domains, is actually much more than a simple shortening service. It is integrated with Clicky Web Analytics (check out  and provides users with a world of analytics not available with any other URL shortener. With Clicky Web Analytics installed on your site, you’ll get piles ofstuff

It has been just a couple of moths since beta version of was launched and more than a year since started facilitating aggregation of social networks. However, with the widespread use of social media they have gained global recognition and virtually become a “must have” products/tools – some of the best  on .MEstuff

Some things are just not worth waiting for…  pre-order them! Another dotME call-to-action domain is paired with the idea to make consumers’ lives easier – Preorder.ME is the one stop shop for consumers willing to order items before they are released. Although still in beta version the website currently features more than 15 000 productsstuff

Have you ever thought about pulling your information from multiple online profiles (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr etc.) together? With About.ME, a new service on the dotME domain,  internet users will be able to build a single online identity for either professional or personal use, as well as to get the idea of what isstuff

NtDesign.ME is another great combination of a dotME domain and decent, targeted content aimed at customers in Montenegro. The company is actually an independent Interior Design and Architecture practice based in Kotor, Montenegro who are establishing a reputation for creative design solutions for residential and commercial interior and exterior projects. Utilising the best of localstuff

Ever want to ask an angel a question? Well, now you can. Angels we talk about are without wings, but they can tell you a lot about entrepreneurship in the Silicon Valley – these angels, or angel investors held open forums (they called it “office hours”) at TechCrunch Disrupt, last week. What is more interestingstuff

.ME is about YOU, and so it is ITservices4.ME! It is another one-stop shop for your online presence developed on .ME domain. Located in Lincoln UK, this company offers everything from Web design (whole package including domain name registration and hosting) to hardware and software to IT support.  More importantly, the make a direct connectionstuff

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