Yes, they will. Your developer will sleep when he or she is tired and dead. For one of 2 reasons: either you’ve worked them to the point where they can’t write another line of code or maybe, just maybe you’ve made them actually excited about the project. It’s your choice, not only theirs. Developers arestuff

Google, one of the largest tech companies today has quite an interesting thing going on with their logo which, I’m sure, you’ve already noticed. Google Doodles, as they’re called, are special Google logos that are a homage to something that happened on that day. The first Google Doodle was featured in August 1998. and itstuff

When Google, although it has several failures in its own portfolio, gets things right, they’re so useful that we can’t imagine how things worked before. One of those services is Gmail, Google’s free webmail service which is one of the biggest webmail services today. Based on that success, Google released a pack of services called Googlestuff

Facebook Timeline was introduced in September and if you were a Facebook developer or had a little luck, you had a chance to try it out. Last week, Facebook announced it was releasing the Timeline to everyone. If you want to activate it for yourself, visit Facebook’s Timeline and activate it now. The Timeline willstuff

Lets be straight. Domain names are cheap. Compared to server hardware, custom website design and even WordPress templates – domain names are very, very affordable and most of them including our own .me will cost you less than $10 a year. A YEAR . So explain to me why you haven’t reserved a nice domain namestuff

Everyone who is in the domain name business probably owns a smartphone, or  more likely – an iPhone. The speed and the intensity of the domain name market forced not only domain savvies but everyone to get some proper tools that ensure they ‘ll always have the most useful and up-to-date information at the rightstuff

First, let us review what we know about domain names. They are user-friendly representations of numeric IP addresses, which help use the Internet to its full potential. Domains can be of different sizes (from just a few to more than fifty characters), scripts (in addition to Latin they can be Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic etc.) andstuff

When Gmail was introduced on April 1st back in 2004, nobody thought it would set some new standards for webmail systems and e-mail in general. It affected desktop e-mail clients as well, allowing your e-mail to be accessible on every computer with a connection to the Internet. You could say that Gmail was a startstuff

Choosing a name for your website and therefore choosing your domain name is not an easy task. You need to consider several factors before choosing the right domain name because there’s no turning back once the site gets rolling. While you could change the domain name afterward (and sacrifice your brand, search result ranking andstuff

It doesn’t matter how you are connected to the domain world; whether you’re buying them, selling them, auctioning them or just collecting them, you have something in common with every domain owner in the world – you’re using a web browser. So the question is – can you make your browser to get some usefulstuff

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