Thanks to cloud technology, you don’t have to be tied to your computer in the office or at home. There’s no need for copying settings for your e-mail client when all of your mail is somewhere in the cloud, USB memory sticks are obsolete because all of your files are waiting, securely in your Dropbox.stuff

The domain name industry is a great area to be involved in, but as any other one, it has its ups and downs. The biggest downs are ownership conflicts for some domains. Copyrights and trademarks are something you should respect, otherwise you might end up in countless court hearings and spend a lot of moneystuff

Keeping your privacy secure in today’s world of social networks, mobile Internet and phone cameras is really hard. There are many people you’re friends with online but still, you don’t want to share some information with your boss, school mates, parents or even some friends. Facebook, being one of the biggest social networks today, kickedstuff

The world of technology bloggers is quite interesting; everytime a product gets announced, based on its popularity, several dozens of blogs just pop up. All of those blogs are based on one very insecure and unconfirmed thing – rumors. For the last couple of months every tech blog announced that Apple will introduce a brandstuff

The problem with Google+ is its emptiness. To use Google+ you must add all of your Facebook friends in some circles. There are two steps: adding friends and categorizing them. Adding friends might be a dull task to complete, and when you’re done – you still need to add them into circles. Facebook on the other handstuff

The iPad is probably the tablet you’re using right now. As the most popular gadget of its kind in the world, there’s a number of iPad apps specific to the domain industry. While you’re in a meeting or just outside the home or office, why not have the ability to quickly register a domain? Lookupstuff

Startups are emerging every day all around the web, presenting us with their solutions to our problems. Web or mobile apps, more or less useful, they are the tools that create the workflow of any computer-litterate person today. Some of them are really successful and manage to get a lot of funding before they startstuff

Being one of the most recognizable names in the domain industry, is an ICANN accredited registrar where you can get .me domains for your blog in just a few steps! GoDaddy also holds a scholarship fund with .Me that picks 10 students that get a $10,000 tuition. GoDaddy was founded in 1997. by Bobstuff

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