Personalize your Business with .ME

Personalize your Business with .ME

Every interaction counts! .ME domain name directly appeals to your customers by creating a call to action out of the name of your business. Your .ME business domain name can help you capture the essence of your brand and make it memorable. Let us show you how!

Nowadays, customization and personalization are at the core of every business. Looking to gain a competitive advantage and encourage brand loyalty, brands decided to hand over the power to consumers and narrow down the distance between the two. Thus, the Me Selling Proposition was born.

Previously untouchable big corporations allowed us, the consumers, to take ownership of their brands by shaping them to our own needs and wants. We are now symbolically being invited inside the companies we care about and empowered to actively participate in shaping the products and services that we use. Brands are actually succeeding at what all the previous proposition strategies struggled with – humanizing their businesses, and the consumers are responding. Personalisation is not only the future of marketing, but its reality.

According to the research conducted by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience.

One of the best ways to communicate your dedication to making your business personal is with a .ME domain name. Moreover, it’s also a way to the name of your business and web address real easy to remember! So get comfy because in this post we will tell you all about:

Make your Business Personal and Memorable with a .ME Domain Name

Do you remember a frenzy created around personalized Coca-Cola cans? It was a huge deal! Back in 2011, when Australia got the very first cans with the most popular Australian names written boldly in the iconic Coke font, everybody was on fire! What was that all about?

People appreciated being part of the brand experience. Even more, they loved the opportunity to build their own creations in the Coke dispensers that came after. At that time, there was no greater love declaration that posting a photo with two cans with your name on them! Just like there is no stronger signal of your dedication to offering a personalized service than a .ME domain name.


“Personalization wasn’t supposed to be a cleverly veiled way to chase prospects around the web, showing them the same spammy ad for the same lame stuff as everyone else sees. No, it is a chance to differentiate at a human scale, to use behavior as the most important clue about what people want and more important, what they need.”

Seth Godin

Way back in 2015, PayPal made a huge leap in personalizing customer service and putting the consumer at the center of the brand. They introduced probably the simplest and friendliest way for you to get paid via PayPal and for their online home, they chose PayPal.ME! The main idea was to create a mobile-first user experience that makes doing so simpler and faster than with the company’s traditional tools. And they made it happen! The secret recipe? Putting an emphasis on personalization, creating a personal link with consumers, and spicing it up with a perfect name-extension combination, which could easily become a catchphrase!

Talking about catchphrases, many big brands had a similar idea – to use a .ME domain extension to create a call-to-action.

Whether you are a marketing professional, a startuper, or a blogger, the first thing you have to figure out when you start your campaign is a name of the product, service or a company/blog and a call to action. Just imagine, you want to have a banner promoting your service. What do you place there? It’s not just an invitation to click, but to “buy”, “visit”,  “check out”… Whatever you want a visitor to do on your website – read a blog post, subscribe to your newsletter, buy a product, or download an ebook, you use a call-to-action. The ultimate goal of bringing users to your company’s website is to have them convert. That’s where you use a call-to-action.

Now, what if instead of thinking about button size and color, the placement, copywriting, and such (although those decision can make or break your campaign and you can find the answer to all of these dilemmas here), you use that first point of contact with your consumers, which is most often your website address, to call them to action?

When creating their new online conferencing and meeting tool, an internet veteran LogMeIn, acquired a domain Join.ME. They understood the importance of direct communication with their end-customer and used their choice of .ME communicates  – This is for YOU, we want to get personal. But they ended up doing something even more, they transformed the business name and website address of their service into a call to action, one their customers can use when communicating with their friends and colleagues. By taking their company name and turning it into a verb, they create something that is self-explanatory and easy to remember.
“Tom, don’t let anybody kid you. It’s all personal, every bit of business. Every piece of shit every man has to eat every day of his life is personal. They call it business. OK. But it’s personal as hell. ” – Mario Puzo, The Godfather

CEO and founder of ID.ME, Blake Hall, a decorated Army Ranger, watched a military veteran display their DD214 separation paperwork to a store employee to claim a military discount. The document held far more information than was needed to verify military service. Exposing so much personal information for a single benefit was risky and unnecessary. There had to be a better way. He set on a mission to make group affiliation verification easier and more secure. He started with the military community, but quickly grew to include students, teachers, AARP members, first responders, and government employees. Thus was created, a digital identity network where users verify their identity once, and never have to re-verify their identity again across any organization where is accepted. It’s just like the driver’s license in the physical world. Once you’re verified, proof of your identity goes with you everywhere. How personal is that?

One of the best ways to engage and interest website visitors is by simplicity. No one will read a 1000-word description of your company. Instead, having a catchy, memorable, and personal domain name is a great way to stand out and instantly communicate what you are all about.


That is why lots of small and local businesses, who are are known and loved for the personal connection they have with their customers decided to transfer that sentiment online with the help of .ME. In case of APieceOf.ME, that personal feel was captured by creating a platform for family-owned small producers that are part of Lisbon’s history and allowing them to live on by offering their services to the global market.

Startups also choose .ME as their online destination to differentiate themselves among their consumers in highly competitive industries and to mark their commitment to them:

  • Vizualize.ME invites you to turn your professional experience into eye-catching graphics;
  • With Forget.ME you can to exercise your Right to be Forgotten by the search engines;
  • There are lost and found things saying Return.ME;
  • And that sound you hear might be your blog wanting a little makeover and whispering – Themify.ME.

If you know your customers and truly understand what they think, you can allow to be slightly… edgy, when creating your call-to-action. The goal is trying to offer something your audience can’t get elsewhere. And creating a call-to-action business domain name is a win! 😉

What Makes .ME a Business Domain Name You Can Trust

When choosing a domain name, there are some technical aspects to your decision that you have to be aware of, which could impact the ranking of your website. If you want to know more about how domain names impact the SEO of your website in general, take a look at this post. We will focus on the most important stuff here.

As you might have guessed by now, your choice of a domain name extension sends some signals to your audience. Even though it originated as a ccTLD, .ME domain is Google-friendly, i.e. Google treats .ME equally to any generic TLD (gTLD) such as .com, .org and .net.

Of course, this does not mean you can not make your .ME domain name have that local feel. On the contrary, we have recently launched the option for people to register special letters as part of your domain name, which makes your .ME fully-customisable for you audience, no matter the part of the world you are coming from. See? Everything is personal!

There are almost a million .ME domains registered all over the world (yes, even on Ascension Island with a population of 312 there is a .ME).

As social psychology research has repeatedly shown, mere exposure leads to familiarity, which leads to trust and impacts our preferences. .ME is used worldwide by people wanting to build their personal brand and businesses wanting to communicate their commitment to personalisation. If you decide to join the .ME community, you will be in good company!

But one lesser-know thing is how committed we are to keeping .ME community, or neighbourhood as we like to call it, safe and secure. .ME domains are checked for abuse daily and we make an active choice to suspend all domain names that violate our Domain Abuse Policy. In addition, domain holders can activate additional services such as DNSSEC and Registry Lock to put that extra layer on protecting their domain names against theft.

So there you have it. In the SEO context, .ME is search-friendly, trustworthy, and spam-free domain, seen as global and safe to register. Now to the hard part – choosing the right one for yourself!

Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business

Throughout this post we showed you examples of companies that choose .ME to make their ideas stand out and send a certain message. And now it’s your turn! What is your domain name going to be?


“Just by saying our name, you know what we are about – memes. It has saved us marketing expenses in more ways than I can quantify”

Shane Walker, CEO and Cofounder, ME.ME

Names are important. They create strong linguistic associations and influence how we perceive our own identity, but also other people. Same goes for businesses. The modern age is feeding us a cornucopia of information on a daily basis so now, more than ever, businesses need to utilize the power of a great name.

A strong and powerful business name is telling your customers everything they need to know – it represents your brand identity and its core values.

Your company’s name is the foundation of its brand identity. It has to reflect what your business is all about. A strong and powerful name is telling you everything you need to know – it represents the brand identity and its core values. Finding it can be an exhausting and rewarding process at the same. And for those of you who are not sure where to start, here are some tips.

Of the same importance is a domain name, which serves as the internet identity of your business, 24/7, and you online home. A domain name represents your business in the cyberspace and it must support your brand’s story. That is why choosing a good domain name is crucial! And choosing a domain name extension, like .ME, is important but it’s only half the story; .ME is there to help your brand name shine. So, you have to choose one carefully… no pressure, right?

77% of customers make purchases based on a brand name. Moreover, 90% of them make purchasing decisions subconsciously, choosing products by brand names that evoke positive emotion.

Usually, the name of your business dictates your domain name, but it doesn’t have to be like that. The most important thing is that both your business and your domain name are telling the same, consistent story. The ultimate goal is for users to instantly type in your domain name in the browser whenever they feel like exploring your content.


For us, the “me” ties into our brand position that Jet is the first service where kids can be themselves and establish their digital identity for the future.

Jenny Mirken, CEO of Jet.Me

In order to help make this process a bit less challenging, we have prepared detailed instructions on how to choose the right domain name for you and your business, but here are some additional tips:

  • Re-think it. Then re-thing it again. Before deciding, say the name out loud. Ask for other people’s associations and thoughts. Write down their opinions on the matter and create a list of emotions they experience when they hear the name or read it. You cannot afford to go with the first name that pops into your mind. You have to double test it, create different variations, or even vote for the best one.
  • Write it down. If your domain name consists of more than one word, it’s even more important to write it down. There are no spacings between the words, so ensure you don’t unintentionally end up with a lifetime of awkwardness.
  • Keep it short and simple! This also means avoiding hyphens, numbers, or anything that would be hard to spell.
  • Do the radio test. If we in a busy coffee shop and we hear your ad on the radio, inviting us to visit your website, how easy would it be for us to get it right and type it in our browser correctly on the first try? This might be a bit problematic if your domain name contains similar sounds. For instance, “C” sounds just like “sea” or “see”, “U” sounds like “you”, “they’re” sounds like “their” as grammar nazis know too well. Underscores and dashes are also off limits as they further complicate your domain name. Ultimately, you want the answer to this question to be – very easy.

What your business stands for has to be clear from all your channels of communication, while the website remains your epicenter. The type and quality of the content contribute to your brand image, the visual design and structure too, but it all starts with a domain name.

Meet the businesses down the (online) street!

Spotify personalized their business with .ME domain and made Spotify.ME to showcase personal side of each of their customers’ playlists, and what makes them unique.

Join the family

Registering a .ME domain is just a start of a great relationship. We keep track of our domains, and frequently write about their successes, no matter how small and personal they are. Once you build something great on your domain name, contact us and we will be glad to share your story with our readers!

The power of .ME brought another big player to the table. Have you heard about and Facebook also put its trust in .ME, using as the Facebook shortener on mobile interface, which automatically shortens a mobile link (for example a link) to link. With M.ME Messenger Links, aimed at businesses, users can create a short and memorable link ( that, when clicked on or typed in, opens a conversation with that business in Messenger. Yes, it’s that simple!

Think of all the things you can do with .ME, to .ME, for .ME! The list of things topics circling around .ME is virtually endless. With .ME, you can create a unique and memorable domain name for your business, form a call to action, or use it creatively in any way you can possibly imagine. As they say – sky’s the limit. And we wish you the best of luck on your journey!

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