This Sports Geekette is Going to Keep You on Top of the 2012 Olympics

The Olympics 2012 is right around the corner, and while the old saying that there’s no „I“ in „team“ still goes, for thousands of solo athletes competing this summer in London, it’s all about the individual achievement.

And it’s not just the stellar athletes that are in the spotlight, but all those men and women who will help you exprience the Olympics this summer, and truly embody the spirit of the games, both on and outside of the field. One of those exceptional individuals is Charlie Webster, former Real Madrid TV, ESPN and current Sky Sports News presenter.

Hi, Charlie!

This past summer, she presented the London prepares series, ahead of the London Olympics. At London 2012, in addition to presenting for Sky Sports News live from Stratford, she will be the Olympic 2012 presenter for Beach Volley Ball at Horse Guards Parade and Boxing at the ExCeL.

Charlie’s awesome website…

Truly in line with the prediction that a quicker, more direct communication with fans via social media will be the standard for this year’s games, Charlie encompassed her online presence into a personal .me website, which we proudly invite you to check out at

There you can find her blog, her personal Twitter feed, her videos, photos, projects – basically, everything you’d ever want to know about Charlie (no address or phone number – sorry, guys! However,  you can contact her via email or social media). Charlie also talked about why she chose a .Me domain name in a short and very sweet video:

Without a doubt, sports, too, is getting increasingly more personal – it’s not just your talent and skills that will land you a lucrative contract these days, but the kind of personality you showcase in the media, both traditional and social. In that vain, Mashable has compiled a list of must-follow athletes on Twitter, and while we’re counting down to the start of London 2012, we’re hoping to see more and more of them follow Charlie’s cue.

What about you? What would you like to see from your favorite Olympians and sports personalities? Do you have any comments on Charlie’s new – and oh-so-personal .me website? Let us know, we’re happy to hear from you. 🙂


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