Corporate-social responsibility

.ME is all about community

As a company and as individuals, we believe in giving back to the community. Whether it is sponsoring a programing school for high schoolers, donating PCs to local educational institutions, or making it possible for group of young and accomplished students to attend professional development opportunities abroad, we believe that sharing knowledge is the way to individual and societal progress. Most of our support is focused on our home country, Montenegro, but we try to be as present as possible in all .ME communities around the world.

CSR Timeline of doMEn ltd

December, 2018
.ME Registry Received Two National Awards for CSR Activites in Montenegro

.ME Registry Received Two National Awards for CSR Activites in Montenegro

We were honored to received two national social and corporate responsibility awards – the ISKRA 2018 philanthropy excellence award for “Contribution at a National level” and an award for caring about the community by the Montenegrin Employers Federation! .ME Registry has been recognized for its many activities aiming to create and promote STEM education in Montenegro, especially when it comes to younger generations.

November, 2018
CSR Report: 10 Years of Giving Back

CSR Report: 10 Years of Giving Back

The ten-year anniversary of .ME domain made us look back on a decade of service and the way our company, and way of thinking about corporate social responsibility, changed over time. Whether it was teaching middle-school children how to code, organizing pitching workshops for startups, or awarding scholarships to gifted students, we’ve believed from the very begging that sharing knowledge is the most efficient way to individual and collective progress. This has been an integral part of our company mission and vision and this is what it contributed to!

June, 2018 STEM education core – the Summer School of Programming is 10 Years Old STEM education core – the Summer School of Programming is 10 Years Old

It has been a decade since our favourite project was born and we’re proud to say it has grown up into something bigger than we’ve ever expected! After all these years, new generations still manage to impress us beyond expectations.

May, 2018
How Millenials Saw the Future of Social Media – The Winners of 2018 Student Competition

How Millenials Saw the Future of Social Media – The Winners of 2018 Student Competition

We wanted to encourage young people to make positive changes in their communities by using the perks of the digital age. Since the home country of is Montenegro, we decided to organize 2018 Student Competition for Montenegrin students and give them a chance to win a free conference ticket by using their spark to illuminate the world.

May, 2018
Brace Yourself, ’Cause 2018 Is Coming!

Brace Yourself, ’Cause 2018 Is Coming!

In just one day, we’re officially turning the mode ON! Beautiful Montenegrin coast, tons of sunlight, and two days filled with great stories from the world’s top experts from different industries. Not to mention an additional day of hands-on marketing and startup workshops on May 25, which are completely free to everyone with a conference ticket.

May 14th, 2018
Get Ready for the Programming Day!

Get Ready for the Programming Day!

This May couldn’t be more exciting - we are having a 10th birthday party! ☺ And of course, we are as happy as a ten-year-old, looking at how much we grew up and how much have we achieved! The best part is that this year is not about a birthday only. It is also the 10th year of our Summer Programming School, and our students traditionally exceeded all our expectations!

July 18th, 2017
Fruitful Stay for Young Programmers at the 9th Summer School of Programming

Fruitful Stay for Young Programmers at the 9th Summer School of Programming

Twenty-two Montenegrin students have participated in the Summer School of Programming held in Kolašin from 10th to 18th of July. Besides knowledge, they’ve gained lifelong friendships and exciting memories. The organizer of this wonderful event is Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Montenegro, with the full support by the .ME registry.

July 9th, 2017
Announcing the 9th Summer School of Programming in Kolašin

Announcing the 9th Summer School of Programming in Kolašin

Well, it’s almost a decade. If our efforts in STEM education had had a body and mind of a child, it would have been in third grade now. That’s pretty long period of time. Luckily for us, we can count our progress with dozens of children participating in Summer programming schools so far.

July 5th, 2017
Summer Academic Course It’s My Treat, Start Up Is On Me

Summer Academic Course “It’s My Treat, Start Up Is On Me”

Student organization “BEST” from Podgorica is organizing a Summer Academic Course with an interesting name – “It’s my treat, start up is on me”. Candidates will have a chance to learn about startup from the most prominent experts in the field. That can’t go without our CMO Nataša Đukanović who will be holding a workshop called “Smart marketing for startups”.

July 1st, 2017
The First Montenegrin Philosophy Cafe: Pursuit of Friendship

The First Montenegrin Philosophy Cafe: Pursuit of Friendship

Montenegrin city of Bar was a host to 20 participants from all over the world who gathered together for the first Montenegrin philosophy cafe titled: „Pursuit of Friendship“. The meeting served as an introduction to XXVI International Philosophy Olympiad, which will take place in Bar from 23th to 27th of May 2018.

May 30th, 2017
Great News from the 25th International Philosophy Olympiad

Great News from the 25th International Philosophy Olympiad

Students and teachers from Montenegrin Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović” participated in International Philosophy Olympiad held in Rotterdam and achieved great results! Special congratulations go to Danilo Đukanović who won Honorable mention in Essay writing competition among students from 45 countries.

June, 2016
SparkME 2016

Spark.Me Startup Competition Sends dryTools to San Francisco

dryTools joins the ranks of Spark.Me Startup Competition winners which have the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to presented their startup to leading investors and media at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley. We wish you the best of luck!

May, 2016
Lego-league 2016

Two Montenegrin Teams Win Recognition at FIRST LEGO League Open European Championship 2016!

Two Montenegrin teams that participated in the FIRST LEGO League Open European Championship 2016 returned home with recognition for their hard work and inventiveness. Competing among 116 teams from 40 countries, team “MonteBot” won third place in the Robot Design category, while team “Montero” won first place in the Mentor category.

April, 2016
Montenegrin Knowledge Olympiad 2016

Congratulations to All Montenegrin Knowledge Olympiad 2016 Participants!

More than 400 elementary and high school students participated in the 8th annual Montenegrin Knowledge Olympiad. The mission of the Knowledge Olympiad is to popularize mathematics and natural sciences among younger generations. At the same time, the Olympiad serves as a venue that helps students develop their skills and nurture their affinities towards these subjects.

July, 2015
Summer Programming School 2015

Summer Programming School for Programming Enthusiasts

Continuing with the tradition of investing in STEM education, .ME is organizing the 7th Summer Programing School in cooperation with Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics.

June, 2015
UnderHillFest 2015

UnderhillFest Shows Us That Real-Life Can Be Better Than Fiction

UnderhillFest, International Documentary Film Festival, which took place in Podgorica this June, gathered documentary filmmakers and enthusiasts from all over Europe. With the help from .ME, organizers were able to share Web Chronicles of the Festival on its YouTube channel, making it accessible for online audience.

May, 2015

Montenegrin Kendo Federation at 16th World Kendo Championship

With .ME’s support, the national Kendo team will have a chance to compete at 16th World Kendo Championships in Tokyo, Japan. There, they will have a chance to test their skills against other participants from all over the world and make valuable contacts with greatest Kendo masters. Best of luck!

May, 2015

FIRST Lego League – Making Technology and Science Fun since 1998

For the second year in a row, Montenegrin elementary school students had the chance to participate in FLL and to learn, test their skills and have fun with their teams and mentors. By participating in this program, students increased their interest in science, engineering, inventions, research, learn about importance of teamwork and build self-confidence related to their creative possibilities.

April, 2015

Montenegrin Knowledge Olympiad 2015

.ME traditionally supported the organization of Montenegrin Knowledge Olympiad 2015, a competition amongst high and elementary school students in a number of subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Programming. This year, simultaneously with the elementary and high school contests, a collegiate programming contest was held for university students.

February, 2015

Spark.Me Sparks Imaginations And Careers In 2015

We are proud to announce the dates for the 3rd annual Spark.Me conference, one of the biggest and greatest tech and innovation conferences in Eastern Europe! Once again, we plan to bring inspiration, business and the startup community together at the beautiful Montenegrin coast, and spice it all up with some of the best speakers available.

January, 2015

.ME Supports Local Initiatives – The Story of TEDxPodgorica

.ME took part in this year’s TEDxPodgorica as its golden sponsor. The goal of TEDx events and the ideas they’re trying to promote align perfectly with what we’re trying to do in our county – help people spread their own ideas and boost the communication and awareness about things that matter in their local communities.

December, 2014

Let Your New Year Resolution Be To Do #DeedADay!

We wanted our New Year resolutions to have impact, so we joined the #DeedADay movement – a movement with a mission to sweep the web with good deed resolutions!

September, 2014

School of programming for elementary and secondary school students opens registrations!

For the fifth year in a row, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Montenegro in cooperation with .ME Registry is organizing the School of Programming for elementary and secondary school students.

May, 2014

You Can Help The Flood Victims

Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia have been affected by one of the worst floods in history. Now is the time to step up, take action and be there for our neighbors! Every little effort counts!

May, 2014

Montenegrin Knowledge Olympics

One of our goals as a society should be to make our children more successful than ourselves. All the knowledge and skills we instill in them today are the tools for achieving prosperity tomorrow. That is why we are proud to be able to support occasions such as this, where our children can express their interests, knowledge and talents freely, and learn from each other at the same time.

January, 2014

Save the Date: Spark.Me Is Ready To Spark Your Imagination Once Again

Spark.ME is on for the second year in a row! Just like last year, .ME is getting some of the best international experts who will speak from their experience and try to relate how they discovered the spark of inspiration that launched them to success.

October, 2013

StartTrek.Me Podgorica Gathers Leading Regional Investors

Southeastern Europe’s most active seed investors visited a number of cities a few weeks ago and .Me hosted the Podgorica part of the tour entitled: StartTrek -, to be exact!

September, 2013

.ME Partners with Parkland Meetup

In an effort to enhance the technological capacity of rural communities, that we hope will become a catalyst to create a movement to strengthen the global workforce, we have partnered up with Parkland Meetup! We are providing free .ME domain names to participants of Parkland Meetup and Parkland Programmers, two community-based special interest groups in Farmington, Missouri, designed to create a knowledge worker community in the rural region of Missouri.

July, 2013

Fifth Annual Summer School of Programming

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and .ME have organized the fifth annual Summer School of Programming for 28 Montenegrin high schoolers.

May, 2013

Spark.Me Conference announced by Natasa Djukanovic from .Me

We are exited to announce a new must-go-to conference in this part of Europe – Spark.Me. is an interactive conference designed to unlock your creativity, learn from renowned speakers and come up with potential business ideas.

February, 2013

.ME donates “LEGO MINDSTORMS” to five Montenegrin primary schools

In cooperation with local NGO “Mali Pronalazaci”, .ME has donated five “LEGO MINDSTORMS” sets to five Montenegrin elementary schools. With these sets, our elementary school students will be able to increate their knowledge of computing and information technology.

August, 2012

WebFest.Me is Less Than 30 Days Away – Here’s Why You’re Coming!

Announcing WebFest.Me 2012! The biggest regional Internet conference will take place in Budva, Montenegro, where attendees will get a chance to hear some of the most influential people on the web talking about their experiences and how hard it was for them to get where they are now – online of course.

July, 2011

.ME Registry Sends Montenegro to the Olympiad in Informatics

For a third year in a row .ME has been the main sponsor of the Summer School of Computer Science, renowned for brushing up the informatics knowledge and discovering future developers in Montenegro. The event was the final preparation of talented high-schoolers for the biggest challenge in their life so far – International Olympiad in Informatics hosted by Pattaya City Thailand!

June, 2011

.ME Registry awards IEDC scholarships

In cooperation with IEDC Bled School of Management, .ME has chosen six among thirty enthusiastic and entrepreneurially-oriented undergraduate and graduate students to attend the prestigious IEDC School of Management in Bled, Slovenia.

April, 2011

.Me Registry Waives Renewal Fees For Domains Held In Japan

The recent devastating disasters in Japan have left many registrants without the ability to renew their domain names. The .ME Registry would like to alleviate concerns amongst Japanese .ME domain name holders by waiving renewal fees for one full year for all names that expire or will expire between March 11 and April 30, 2011.

February, 2011

Montenegro to Host Opening of Web Fest 2011

We are proud to announce that Montenegro will host the opening of Web Fest, Eastern Europe’s largest Internet conference. The annual festival and conference, which .ME is sponsoring, is the region’s effort at raising public awareness about the widespread value of Web technology, breakthroughs, communication and the ever-growing efforts of Internet entrepreneurs.

January, 2011

Higher Education Possible Thanks To .ME & GoDaddy

We have partnered up with Go Daddy, the world’s largest Web hosting provider and top domain name registrar, to support the dreams of students interested in a college education through the launch of the Go Daddy .ME Scholarship Program. Through the initiative, 10 deserving students will receive $10,000 each to pursue their college dreams.

October, 2010

.ME Registry Sponsors Balkan Olympiad In Informatics

.ME Registry is the golden sponsor of the 18th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics! The event is the largest regional gathering of the most gifted students in the field of computer science and at the same time the unique opportunity for them to show the knowledge and skills in informatics.

June, 2010

Notebooks And Summer School For The Best Students

.ME awards winners of National Informatics Competition for Secondary School Students with notebooks and sponsors the Summer School of Informatics.