A Tool ALL Digital Nomads Need: VPN!

A Tool ALL Digital Nomads Need: VPN!

Being a digital nomad mostly means you are earning a living while working online, spending, at least, a few months of the year abroad and changing your location frequently. And, as much as it gives you a lot of freedom, it also requires that you protect your working devices properly and make sure you really can be productive from anywhere.

While working on a sandy beach sounds like a dream come true, using public Wi-Fi networks presents a big security risk, since even a 7-year-old can hack public Wi-Fi. Therefore, you need to set up a VPN!

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it enables you to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if your device is directly connected to the private network, making your connection secure and private. There are different types of VPN, but for personal use the best option is using a VPN service that is easy to setup and easier to use, like Hide.Me!

Digital Nomads, Secure Your Wi-Fi

For example, Hide.Me (a graduate of .Me’s the .ME Premium Domain Program) offers the world’s fastest VPN and privacy protection, trusted by more than 1,8 million users worldwide. It encrypts all of your Internet activity and makes it impossible for anyone to steal your personal information or any sensitive documents you exchange from your device.

Online identity theft is not rare(it’s a big topic in The New York Times, read), and it usually happens over public networks. It’s not really easy to concentrate on doing awesome work remotely when you know it’s not fully protected and it can get stolen easily.

With Hide.Me, your identity, location and IP are completely hidden – they don’t log any of your personal data to avoid legal liability, and to ensure your online privacy.

Protect Your Documents – And Your Identity!

When you are not using VPN, websites you visit can see your IP address and location. Did you know your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see all your activity: websites you visit, emails you are writing, what you do and what you download?

And it’s all stored under your name! And how can you think and work productively if you have to worry about your identity and all the things you do online, knowing someone has all that information?

When you connect to one of Hide.Me‘s server locations, they create an encrypted tunnel for your online activity, your IP gets thrown away, and you get assigned with an anonymous IP. That way your ISP sees unreadable encrypted traffic and websites see your new, anonymous IP address. You’re safe!

Choose Your Device’s Location And Surpass Firewalls

And what happens when you enter a country where you have restricted access to specific websites or apps?

For example, China? Besides The Great Wall, China is also famous for its not-so-great firewall. Because of the censorship, without using a VPN you can’t access sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, neither can you use Google, Gmail, Google Drive… There are a lot of websites you can’t visit from China, and it can be frustrating to try and do research or just stay informed! When using Hide.Me, you can choose the location of your IP, bypass firewalls like that and preserve your freedom on the internet, as well as the ability to work from anywhere in the world and still be productive!

You can enjoy benefits of a VPN on all your devices with Hide.Me, and with the step-by-step setup guides it should be no problem setting one up! Do you agree it’s time to start using VPN if you aren’t using one already? Sign up for your VPN service and never worry about your privacy on the internet again!


Morana Vrdoljak

Morana is an Internet marketing specialist and online education enthusiast, currently freelancing and writing. Her biggest interests are digital, from mobile apps to virtual reality.

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