DNW Radio – Bruce Marler on Local Marketing

Bruce Marler, owner of statewide portals such as “Missouri.ME” and “Oklahoma.ME” focused on serving advertising needs of small and medium-size businesses, has been recently interviewed by Domain Name Wire. In one portion of the interview he talked about the brandability of .ME domains.

ANDREW: I have to ask, because you have Missouri.me, Oklahoma.me, you know, a lot of people look at anything that isn’t .com. So what has your experience been with that?

BRUCE: …For the most part the reception that we had from customers when we say “Missouri.me” is “Wow, that really works” or “that’s really cool”. We’ve had top marketing directors at major banks, very conservative though, actually sit there and actually want to meet with us separately just to talk about all the neat things you can do from a branding and marketing standpoint, because of how we are doing it. People remember .me. It’s pronounceable, it’s short, it makes sense, it’s not like a lot of the re-purposed CCTLD’s. It’s actually one that fits the brand, it makes sense. People remember it. That’s really the trick. It’s not like you are coming up with something and trying to force feed it to them. People remember .me when it’s used in the proper way…

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