Domain.ME Launches North American Consumer Campaign, Gives Online Users New Destination for Personal Branding

Domain.ME Launches North American Consumer Campaign, Gives Online Users New Destination for Personal Branding

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Personal branding is more than a buzzword – it’s how the world defines you – and with social media platforms emerging as the sole resource for sharing your online identity with the world, you may have less control than you think. Leading online personal domain, Domain.ME, launched this week a national consumer campaign to give online identities back to users by catering to their unique branding, personality, professional and personal interests.

With more than 750,000 currently registered domains nationwide, Domain.ME is reshaping the current dynamic of online marketing through social media and raising awareness for a new type of personal branding. Online users who register for a domain with Domain.ME now have a new destination for their online persona.

“With the emergence of Generation Me, new job searches and the growing importance of online ‘findability’, online users, like many corporations, are now pressured to create and manage their own personal brand,” said Predrag Lesic, CEO of Domain.ME. “Our goal is to give users the opportunity to manage their online identity, while enabling them to stand out from the crowd.”

Unlike other domains and social networks, Domain.ME offers a stylish destination to build a personal and professional brand with an interface that’s creative, unique and impossible to forget.

“We want to give our users an easy way to market themselves and the tools to reach their professional and personal goals,” said Predrag Lesic, CEO of Domain.ME.


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Domain.ME is partnering with PR firm, MWW, to increase registered user nationwide. The PR campaign will look to create awareness of and interest in Domain.ME, while educating key media, influencer and consumer audiences about personal branding available through the domain.

The new campaign will include an integrated mix of advertising, marketing, public relations and social media. For more information or to register for a .ME domain, please visit

About Domain.ME

Domain. ME ( is a leading personal online domain that’s uniquely positioned to cater to the branding, personality, professional and personal interests of its users. This domain gives users the opportunity to create a captivating online identity that’s a direct reflection of themselves. Online users can register for a .ME domain by visiting,


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