Domain.ME Partnership With JetPack Provides All .MErs With A Special Treat

Domain.ME Partnership With JetPack Provides All .MErs With A Special Treat

Hi there! You probably already know this but we’re big fans and enthusiastic users of WordPress here. It’s no big secret. We use it on our own awesome blog (even if we do say so ourselves). And, we also use some of its many cool plugins to make the reading experience cooler for you and to make all our work behind the scenes easier for ourselves.

One of our favorite plugins is the Jetpack. And that is exactly why we have partnered with Jetpack to give all .MErs a special treat a discount on Jetpack services to help you with your website performance. Starting with the awesome Jetpack Backup

The best real‑time WordPress backup plugin

The best realtime WordPress backup plugin

If you make money from your site, or spend hours perfecting content, you need WordPress backups. This way, you can protect your investment by getting your site back online in seconds. 

Jetpack backup plugin is automated and powerful enough for pros, but easy enough for beginners and that’s what makes it amazing. It allows you to easily restore or download a backup of your site from a specific moment in time. 

In other words, it is like a powerful undo button for your WordPress.

Is website backup necessary?

Is website backup necessary

Some of you probably wonder if website backup is really necessary. Well, yes, it is – and I cannot stress this enough.

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your website safe, from choosing a top-notch web host to using strong passwords. However, the single most important step you can take is to perform website backups – early and often.

Here are just some of the reasons. 

1. In case your site gets hacked

Even if you don’t store important data on your site, hackers can still cause damage in a number of other ways.  But, if your content and core website files are backed up off-site, you can restore them quickly, minimizing your revenue loss and service interruptions for your customers. 

2. In case your site breaks after an update

After an update, an issue could occur that breaks part of your site or takes it down – and you might not be able to access the WordPress control panel to fix it. With your website properly backed up, you can restore an earlier version with a single click and get back to business as usual. 

3. If you try something new that breaks your site

This is a very common scenario. You may try out a new marketing idea that requires some changes to your site’s core design. You’re not sure if it will work, but the only way to find out is to test it. With a site backup ready at the click of a button, you can run that test without worry or fear. If problems arise, you can simply restore the previous version and try again.

Now (that we cleared that out), back to Jetpack Backup

Now (that we cleared that out), back to Jetpack Backup

Jetpack Backup is an off-site automatic backup service that saves you storage space and protects your site from hackers. Your backups are safe on the same world-class infrastructure that houses millions of sites on 

If, for some reason, your website files are compromised on your server, you can access and restore backups using Jetpack. And if you want to switch hosts, you can even restore to a completely different server.

Jetpack’s backups are incremental, so the process puts minimal strain on your server. Depending on your plan, you can choose between daily backups and real-time backups, where your site is backed up live, as you work on it. When you create a new page, it’s backed up as soon as you click the “Publish” button.

What data is backed up?

What data is backed up

The backup data includes all the unique and irreplaceable data you have stored in WordPress, and everything properly integrated into the WordPress installation. 

Jetpack Backup backs up the following data:

  • Your WordPress database. This includes any tables that begin with your WordPress database’s table prefix and also have a unique key or primary key. 
  • All files in the plugins, mu-plugins, themes, and uploads directories.
  • Everything in your WordPress root directory that isn’t part of another WordPress installation.
  • Certain other files inside the wp-content directory.

Jetpack Backup doesn’t back up:

  • The core files of WordPress. These can be downloaded from at any time.
  • Files outside the directories listed above.
  • Database tables that don’t look like they belong to WordPress.
  • Database tables whose rows have no unique identifier.
  • Cache and backup directories.
  • Additional WordPress installs, such as ones that are included inside a subdirectory.

Backups will also exclude any directory that includes a file named .donotbackup. You can create these files yourself to intentionally prevent certain directories from being backed up. If a directory named donotbackup is added, Jetpack Backup will also exclude all files inside that directory.

Is there a backup size limit?

No, there isn’t. With Jetpack Backup, there is no backup size limit. If a backup takes you over the limit for your total storage, you get a warning before making any changes to your service.

Check out other frequently asked questions about Jetpack backup here

Wrapping Up

So what do you think? Ready to take your business’ online home to a whole new level? We thought so too! Read more about Jetpack Backup on their website and don’t forget – just one change pays for itself. 

Alright then, until next time.

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