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‘I Don’t Know How to Build a Personal Website’ is No Longer a Valid Excuse

By Sanja Gardasevic, January 21, 2015

Managing your online presence is more important than ever. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, hiring managers and potential business partners are using Internet to gain insight in who you are and what you can do for their company.

Our recent research linking personal websites and career success showed that not only 70% of personal website owners believe that their future employers have reviewed their online brand before the interview, but more importantly, that 50% of website owners have been proactively contacted by a hiring manager as a result of him/her noticing their website.

How you appear on the web can make or break your career.

Having a personal website is not only a preemptive measure but can also get you benefits and there are many. 50% of personal website owners reported that they got a new job offer and more than half reported that they have attracted new customers as a result of having a personal website. Personal websites can also help you get recognized as a competent professional in your industry (53%) and gain access to network of likeminded individuals (52%).

What’s worrying is that few people have them. Out of 15 072 respondents that entered the survey only 600 (4%) reported to have a personal website and number one reason was that they don’t know how to create a personal website or that it’s too time-consuming.

As someone who does not have a technical background or design knowledge and has a personal website, let me tell you that those are just excuses! That may have been a valid excuse 10 years ago but in this time and age, it’s not! There are many FREE services that make your personal website just few clicks and couple of seconds away.

Let me introduce some of them:

1. – If all you need is a simple landing page.

An example of profile

This is one of the most popular personal page builders. Why? It has all most important features, it is easy to make and looks great! Your page serves as your personal landing page, allowing you to put all your most important data in one place. Choose the right picture, write a short bio, add links to your social media accounts, your blog or personal website and you are all set.

Another perk? is all about helping to build and expand your contact network. Every time you log onto the platform it shows you who viewed your profile, complimented you or added you to their “collection”. If you include information about your interests, will recommend you profiles of people who share them. It also allows you to search your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and Yahoo mail contacts for people that use platform, so you can connect with them.

2. – If your flavors need more than one page.

An example of profile

Like, serves as your landing page, with the exception that you have more than one page available to display your personal information and connect your social media accounts. Your can be connected to more than 30 social networking services from which it will aggregate and post photographs, blog posts, status and other updates. Another difference is in the option to chose from different themes and customize your site by uploading your images and using their layouts and design tools.

If you want, you can embed your Twitter profile and automatically display your latest tweets, or add multimedia to your pages, such as pictures and video, which is great for artists that want to show off their projects, video resumes or their portfolio.

3. – If you want a simple tool to show off your professional achievements.

An example of profile

We wrote a piece on long time ago, when the service was still in its beta phase. The goal of its founders was to “cut out all the noise and focus on what’s important”. They have succeeded. The service was good then, but now it’s even better. allows you to show off your most impressive work, social media profiles, articles that mention you or that you have written, as well as your experience pulled from your LinkedIn profile. It has few extra features but in its essence this is easy-to-customize, clean service that can help you market your talent.

4. .Pixelhub – If you are interested in displaying your constantly changing social media content.

An example of .Pixelhub profile

.Pixelhub is big on social integration – it seamlessly integrates your social media updates into website content which makes your personal website automatically up to date. It also allows you to add new content through its easy-to-use publishing platform, which supports text, image galleries, video and maps. You can choose which components you want your personal website to have, upload your background image and additionally customize your site with their design tools.

Its free version allows you to integrate only two social feeds and two menu sections.  You also get responsive layout, site hosting and social media updates. With a premium version however, which is $6/month, you get premium themes, unlimited social feeds and menu sections, and many other features you will be offered after your 14-days trial period ends.

5. – If what you need is a portable online digital bio that streamlines the sharing of personal and professional digital information.

An example of profile

We wrote about a few weeks ago, when we introduced it as a service that was created to take the squeeze out of managing your online presence. was born from a desire to streamline the sharing of personal and professional digital information, making it simple, consistent and efficient. It is the portable online digital bio that can be used in multiple platforms all around the web – you can share it via email or post it to yours of others’ websites. Most importantly, every change you make will be immediately updated everywhere. provides you with a number of ways to customize your portfolio, from choosing a custom background image, video and color scheme, to uploading documents with documents, photos, and videos. Its embed capability will give you the ability to carry your bio anywhere on the web and analytics dashboard will provide you with insights on traffic and sources. Overall, this is a very simple and useful tool.

6. – If you want to showcase your work as a journalist, blogger or writer.

An example of profile is a platform that allows freelancers, journalists and bloggers to create an online portfolio with a simple, clean and effective layout. It allows you to tell people who you are, what you do and how to stay in contact with you, to customize the look of your site with a background picture of choice and to add online articles or PDFs to showcase your best work, quickly and easily. For a full visual portfolio you can always embed multimedia files.

If you are working as a freelancer you can group you posts by their topic or publication, which can allow you to separate your more professional articles from personal musings. Setting up your personal website with is quite easy but if you don’t know where to start, you can check out this amazing Writing Portfolio Guide has provided for all their users.

7. – If you want to try something different, like a one-page infographic resume.

An example of resume made with

As our colleague Tena noted, if you are more of a number person, who thinks data speaks louder than biographies and words, you need to try This is a simple, yet appealing service that helps pulls your professional data from your LinkedIn profile and creates an eye-catching infographic based on your experience, education, skills and languages. Of course, there is always the option of adding new data and connecting services like YouTube or Vimeo to your profile so people can see the work you have done.

There is a variety of cool visualization and graphics to choose from that can help you make your infographic truly unique. Best of all, once created, you infographic can be easily saved and downloaded as PDF file, which will preserve its printing quality.

8. Super Resume Builder – If you need to customize your resume on the go.

Make your resume on your mobile phone with Super Resume Builder

Super Resume Builder ( helps people make their resumes right from the mobile. The app was created for people that hate sitting by the computer and formatting their resume. In the words of its founder, Faisal Memon: “Users are finding value in Super Resume Builder as it offers a very portable way to create your resume. They can update resumes and apply to jobs while traveling, when they are not with their laptop.”

Super resume builder has recommended sections that guide you through resume creation process. Once you fill out chosen sections – personal information, education, references, skills, etc. – the app automatically generates a PDF, which is saved on the SD card and can be shared via channels ranging from e-mail to Drive to social networking sites. Best of all? You can save multiple resumes on the platform.

9. – If what you want is an easy-to-make, fully customizable, personal website.

With your personal website is SEO optimised and optimised for all devices. is one of the more recent additions to our .ME family. It’s a service that allows you to create a stunning personal website in seconds and for free. As we have written in one of our previous posts, the process of website creation with is automated – with just one click, the software pulls all content from your LinkedIn profile and generates your own personal website. There are a variety of themes to choose from, which are all completely customizable. You can add images, text, videos, and more. Change background images and customize colors throughout each section, along with the ability to build sections from scratch.

Added bonus? is supported by some of the biggest names in personal branding. By becoming a part of their community, you will gain access to resources and information on personal branding from some of the top industry professionals.


If anything, you have many options at your disposal for creating your own gorgeous personal website quickly. Before you get started though, make sure to ask yourself: What would be the purpose of my personal website? What features my personal website must have? And which features you can go without? Once you answer these questions and explore what these services offer you, it will be a lot easier to choose one for yourself.


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