DotMe Domains Gain Greater Domain Poplarity

More and more companies are making sure they snap up their brands with the new popular DotMe extension.

.ME domains are ideal for Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 enthusiasts and evangelists – a domain extension that serves as a perfect platform for personalized and user-generated content, blogs and for branding. It is about “ME’.Many domain pundits predict that the.DOTME extension could become one of the most valuable domain extensions by 2010, and many companies are evaluating and developing marketing campaigns to showcase their valuable brands with the .ME extension.Here are latest rank updates from 23 March 2009.Dot Me domains are performing well compared to other new domain extensions, in the world’s top 1 Million domain website list.

Compared to other recently launched extensions:
.ME Has already 442 sites in the web’s top 1 Milllion sites!
.ASIA has 108 in the top 1 million.(dot .Asia even launched 3-4 month before .ME did)
.Mobi has 258 in the top 1 million.(dot .Mobi even launched 2 years before .ME did!)

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