Remote Hiring (Via Video) Is a Thing Now – With EasyHire.Me

Remote Hiring (Via Video) Is a Thing Now – With EasyHire.Me

Imagine this situation: you need qualified engineers, but there are none to be found in your area! That’s when you need to use the Internet to hire someone who is living miles away, and EasyHire.Me is just the app for the job, as is helps cross the distance between you as an employer and your potential employees.

More than half of workers involved in a Forbes survey noted that working from home saves them a lot of money on gas, which is an expense that is mostly paid by the company. Also don’t forget that you might find someone who is extremely talented, but wasn’t paying attention to “regular” job ads, as well as having access to lot more talent than “regular” methods.

This is so extremely useful because those potential employees don’t have to travel to the job interview. There’s, of course, a shifting trend in remote work, with predictions telling us that almost half of people will be working remotely by 2020. Sometimes you won’t even see the person who hired you in person for some time, but still work for him day to day.

To get hired online would be the perfect way, considering it saves time both for you as the employer and the people who will hopefully work for you. The people who work remotely are also less stressed out, cost you less and have the opportunity to work from wherever they choose, making them happier.

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A Great Fit Is The Most Important

The process of hiring people online is also extremely beneficial if you’re working with freelancers. If you just need someone to work with you on a time-limited project, then perhaps video chatting with your potential employees is the best way to go. This way, you can hire someone from across the world, and have your projects finished in no time.

The other thing that might make you want to start hiring people over the wonders of the Internet is that even though there’s no way CV’s are going away, you still need to see the person you want to hire. It’s easy to hire someone based on their qualifications, but you definitely shouldn’t ignore the chemistry in the company, as this brilliant article points out on an example of executives “failing spectacularly” only because they didn’t fit in right.

Finding a person who is a good fit but less qualified can really pay off in the long run. There are numerous examples of the cultural fit being even more important than the qualifications for a wide range of jobs. Just remember: you can always teach someone to do something, but you can’t change their personality.

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Hiring Made Easy: EasyHire.ME

Hiring online is extremely useful in a lot of situations, and if you’re in the need of a good software to do it with, search no further than EasyHire.ME. Combining great video chat software, as well as complex screening algorithms with proven methods such as CV’s and skill sets, this tool can help you reduce the stress put on both you and any potential job candidate so that both sides come out pleased.

The tool is based on the simple concept of online job interviews, but with an assortment of features to make life easier for all included parties. All you need to do to start hiring over EasyHire.ME is to create an account on the site, and follow a few short steps:

  • Create a job. It’s there that you can fill out the job description and the requirements that the candidates need in order to take part in the interview, just like any regular job ad.
  • Once there, you can add the candidates that you’ve deemed a good fit, as well as add their resumes, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • After you’ve decided who you’re going to interview, you need to fill out a form with the time and date of the interview, as well as a selection of questions for the potential employees, so that they can know what to expect.
  • Lastly, once the invite has been sent, you just need to wait for the interview to start

That’s all you need to know, really. The tool is very intuitive and the interface is really sleek, but what’s most important: it really helps you to make better decisions. Additional features such as premade questions and advanced pre-screening algorithms, make sure that you only need to interview candidates that have the skills you asked for, making the entire process a whole lot easier.

The process of getting hired has really never been easier, and as remote work is more and more prevalent there’s only going to be more ways for people to join more than 30 million Americans that currently work from home. All we at .ME can say is that we wish you the best of luck regardless of whether you’re hiring or in the process of getting hired!


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