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Email Yourself Ad-free Articles With EmailThis.Me

By Ivan Simic, May 25, 2017

Saving things you find online is a chore sometimes. Sure, there’s apps that help you with it but that’s just adding to the long list of apps that you’re already using. Articles you find online can be interesting to read, but not at the time and you need to save links just so you could read them tomorrow morning over a cup of coffee. Is there a better way?

Well, actually, there is. EmailThis.ME is a service that helps you get your articles in a nice, ad-free dose straight to your email inbox. It works by arranging the article you like into an easy to read format and sends it to your email account so you could read it whenever you like. Pretty cool.

Reading almost anything online can really be a chore sometimes. It’s not that the process of reading has changed in any way since the dawn of time, but the things we see on the screen aren’t always what you want to see. Ads and all sorts of popups and different windows can clutter even the most respectable sites (that’s you, Forbes!) and sometimes the inability to skip through them makes me simply leave and never come back.

Ads Vs. Ad Blockers

The ad business is a big one, that’s for sure. But are ads actually serving any purpose other than being there to annoy you? According to a survey performed in Sweden, kids are easily distracted by popups online and find it hard to concentrate once there’s a full-screen video playing without you wanting it.

You could use ad blocking software, but nowadays it gets increasingly hard to view sites with ad blockers installed because the sites themselves won’t open. It’s a circle of life, we guess, and one that will never be broken as long as the Internet exists.

Another thing that the Internet is kind of weird about is the process of saving links. I tend to stick them all into my bookmarks folder, but then I forget and never look at them again. It’s not perfect, truly. We’re remembering less and relying on technology more to guide us through and help us find what we’re looking for, and when we’re looking for it.

But you can’t really remember the URL of an article you’ve seen online, and if the article you’re reading is full of ads you’ll be having a bad time reading it. I’ve been in situations where the topic is excellent but the site is poorly made and doesn’t provide me with a good customer experience. I usually turn and walk away then because it’s easier to look elsewhere than it is to fight with bad sites and ads.

Less Is More

Then there’s the fascination with white space. Designers love it and swear by it, but many sites still don’t look as good as they could, and reading text that doesn’t look good isn’t something many of us like. White space gives a website a sense of depth and clearness, and I, for one, am feeling better reading pages like that.

That’s why EmailThis.ME impresses me a lot. It’s a small piece of software that you simply place as a bookmark in any browser and link to your email account. Then you just click it when you find an interesting article and you get it in your email inbox moments later.

It’s not great because of that, of course. It’s amazing because it removes all ads and distractions from the site you’ve saved, leaving you with only the text and images from the article – nothing else that might distract you while you read. This way, articles are delivered in an easy-to-read format to your inbox so you don’t need to fiddle around with bookmarks or anything similar.

You don’t need any additional apps or anything like that, just a button on your bookmarks bar. Another great thing about this is that the service is completely free, so you can start saving those articles for later ASAP.

This is a welcome addition to everyone’s bookmarks bar, especially to those who love to get their information from blogs and other pages from the Internet.


Ivan Simic

A passionate gamer, experienced journalist, and a comedian in his free time. A lover of video games, humor and technology, always on the lookout for new trends and ideas.

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