“Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends. Give it a try.” – is the sentence which captures the essence of FormSpring.ME, the unique online destination for question/answer exchange . This up-and-coming social network application helps over 12 million users to connect and express themselves by asking questions and giving answers about anything and everything. Ranked 295 at Alexa, it is by far the most frequently visited dotME domain name and we think that the concept and idea absolutely rock! What others think you can read below:

“From college students and interior designers to athletes, journalists, musicians and your friends and family: our community is made up of millions of people who all have something unique to share.” – FormSpring.ME

“ is a nifty little app that lets you answer anonymous (or credited) questions from your social network. It’s caught on like, well, a virus among certain groups; it bears almost all the hallmarks of a truly infectious application, including self-reference and just a dash of mystery.” – Mashable

“When someone ‘Likes’ your photo album on Facebook, it makes you feel good. Formspring.ME is a new service that takes this feeling to a new level. It lets you invite anyone on the web to ask you questions, and gives you a platform to answer them. It’s your own personal interview. And it looks like the site is quickly taking off: a quick search on Twitter for ‘’ yields dozens of results in the last minute alone.” – TechCrunch

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