You Can Now Run Demanding Programs From Your Mom’s Old Laptop

You Can Now Run Demanding Programs From Your Mom’s Old Laptop

San Francisco based startup Mainframe2 has recently gone through rebranding, with a spanking new name and a pretty awesome domain – it is now called Frame and is available at

But lets start from the beginning – what does Frame do? This startup lets you run any software in your browser. Software vendors, businesses, and schools get a single place to manage their Windows apps in the cloud, online, from a single, elegant dashboard.

Now Available To End Users As Well

The Frame team

The company is now expanding their customer base. Dr. Nikola Bozinovic, the company’s CEO, said that the team worked hard in recent months to make their products available to another target group. The new and rebranded Frame now offers its services to end users, as well as businesses.

More than 100,000 people have already launched their applications via the cloud service, including some well-known Fortune 30 companies. Already today, and end users can start using this revolutionary solution that allows them to centralize their applications and use them on any computer – directly from the browser. This will allow people who don’t have access to powerful hardware to use the software they need, Dr. Bozinovic said in an interview:

Our solution can now be used smaller companies and private users. We strive to offer Frame to  the many people, schools and small design studios that have expressed the need for powerful solutions, and who may not have access to the latest and most powerful hardware.

Use Photoshop On Your Old Computer

run any application from your browser

Their team of 20 employees is working hard on the solution that makes this possible and reinventing the way we use our computers and use apps. The service enables users to run very complex application programs directly from cloud, which means that you can run Photoshop or AutoCad even on your mom’s old laptop.

The company has already made partnerships with some of the most famous names in the world of software, such as Adobe, Autodesk, SolidWorks, MathWorks and others, offering the Frame software that can be licensed on a monthly basis, and Bozinovic hopes that this will encourage even more users to opt for legal software at reasonable prices.

A short while ago the team presented Frame at one of the most significant CAD conventions in the world – Develop3D Live – and beta testers (end users)  already use different CAD programs, on any computer, from any place of the world.

Just a few months ago the startup ensured $2,7M seed investment, and now they are putting strong focuses on expanding the user base and network of partners throughout the industry. the whole team is working hard on enabling users to easily run more demanding programs from different computers at different parts of the world.


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