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Download The World’s 1st Instant Gift Messenger

By Ivan Brezak Brkan, February 8, 2016

Valentine’s is just around the corner, and you’re living in the UK, but still don’t know what to get for that special someone? No worries, mate, just download SwiftGift.Me, the world’s first instant gift messenger with over 14,000 gifts available from top brands!

SwiftGift.Me lets you send real gifts to… phone numbers – a perfect app for couples separated by their location. Long distance relationship couples, frequent travellers or digital nomads, SwiftGift.Me might be an answer to your challenges!

Why Valentines?

Valentine’s Day, or – St. Valentine’s Day, started life as a liturgical celebration of some early saints named Valentinus (hence Valentine’s). The popular myth says that Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers. Why? Well, these soldiers weren’t allowed to marry.

Valentine’s Day was then associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages, but what we know today evolved during the 18th century in England. Lovers would express their love by presenting flowers and sending greeting cards!

Valentine’s Day might be the perfect day to try SwiftGift.Me, for a couple of reasons we just mentioned. Currently available in the UK, SwiftGift.Me is evolving in a market which is also made up from England.

However, same as St. Valentine’s day became Valentine’s day, the tradition of sending greeting cards (Valentines) evolved into sending instant messages. You are probably already planning to send some emoji kisses and hearts to your special someone for Valentine’s, a new format for a centuries old tradition.

Gifts? Well, we’re still sending them like in the Middle Ages…

Instant Message That Gift

Don’t get me wrong. Having the opportunity to give someone a special gift in person is one of the most equally special moments you can have with them.

Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t have that opportunity any more because of our busy lifestyles or just because of the fact we date people that aren’t in the same location as us. My girlfriend, for example, lives in a city 200 miles away.

If I couldn’t give her a gift in person, what would I do?

If I lived in the UK, or soon in markets all around the world, I’d send her gift through SwiftGift.Me, along with some emoji hearts and kisses!

How Does SwiftGift Works?

SwiftGift.Me is an app available on the iOS App Store for your iPhone. You can also download it for the iPad, but you’ll need to be in its launch market: the UK. Don’t worry, SwiftGift.Me should be available in new markets as soon as it succeeds in the land of fish and chips!

To start messaging your gifts, download the app from the App Store for free! After you open the app, you’ll select the person you want to send a gift to from your contact list and then proceed to choose one – and the selection is vast!

SwiftGift.Me works with a network of over 1,400 brands and retailers to provide an enormous selection of gifts of all shapes, sizes and price points; from £5 chocolates to £10,000 gold iPhones and drones. Because someone truly needs a gold iPhone to know they are loved – I guess!

Gifts are organised into multiple categories, from the types of items to who they might ideally be for: him, her, etc.  The app lets you concentrate on thinking of the perfect gift instead of:

  • Pushing and shoving through crowds of shoppers
  • Spending hours just looking for the perfect gift, not even being sure you have found every possibility.
  • Wrapping the gift if you really, truly suck at it.


After choosing a gift, you send it through an SMS message to the phone number of the person you want to receive it. You don’t have to know their delivery address because they’ll be asked to enter it themselves on the link you send them.

Now that SwiftGift.Me knows the gift you are sending and the address of the person, it sends the gift perfectly wrapped!

Why Stop At Valentine’s?

You don’t have to! While we’re talking about SwiftGift.Me in expectation of Valentine’s Day, you can use SwiftGift.Me to send any gift for any occasion: Christmas, Hanuka or someone’s birthday!

Download SwiftGift.Me today on the App Store – for free!


Ivan Brezak Brkan

The founder of the "Techcrunch of Southeastern Europe" - Netokracija - and ex-Techcrunch writer with years of experience writing about startups, technology and the domain industry!

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