A Place To Share Feedback On Creative Work A Place To Share Feedback On Creative Work

When creating something new, you can never be sure whether you are on the right track. And frankly, a pat on the back when not deserved does more harm than good. Bad feedback distracts you from creating great things. On the other hand, constructive criticism will improve your work, making you look at your project totally different.

Imagine a platform where you can get helpful insights about your work in well-worded comments that explain how the message of your work is being received. Well, we can tell you that it already exists! greyt.ME is a career growth hub where creative people discuss creative ideas and get feedback for their creative work. 

Now, let’s see what it’s all about!

What To Do When You’re Not Seeing Forest For The Trees

You can never be sure if your art engages the audience or not. 

Nor can you by yourself anticipate how your audience will perceive your artwork. You cannot see and hear through theirs ears and eyes. But now you can involve unbiased people eager to give feedback on your work. And it can really make a difference!

As a creator, you cannot see and hear through your audience’s ears and eyes. But now you can involve unbiased people eager to give feedback on your work.

Come in greyt.ME. Frank Gerhardt and the creative people around him founded this art consultation platform for creatives, advisors, and companies. In their own words, it is a “new type of community where all creatives grow and benefit financially by the strength of ideas.” 

The Much Needed Feedback On Creative Work

What does it precisely mean? Established in Berlin, Germany, is a creative marketplace where you can get insightful feedback for your creative work. 

And that’s not all. Here you can get guidance in a productive environment from somebody who’s already been there. To wit, this is the place where you can find a mentor for your creative project. 

Their mission is to find the right advisor for every creative person who seeks advice. And this isn’t like the classic e-learning and tutorials that can be time-consuming. A well-matched advisor can solve your problem in a few minutes and save you time. For instance, if you are stuck with some problem that you don’t even know how to google, someone with experience might help you in a few minutes.

Mutual Help And Creative Networking

“I like the second image the best”. “The angle you took the picture is great. It gives a different perspective”. “The intention could be more self-explanatory”. “Cool guitar. Maybe add more melody or change the riff a little bit. Just so it’s not always the same”. On grey.ME, you can finally receive feedback like this! That sounds helpful, right? 

Also, you have an option to mark received feedback as “disrespectful”, “unhelpful”, “helpful” or “brilliant insight”. 

You just need to focus on being helpful and focus on being creative, will do all the rest.

Whether you need one-time advice or long-term mentorship, you’re at the right place. It’s all about the social aspect, rather than individual success. Community cheering instead of fighting for your career all by yourself.

Let’s see which groups of creative people can get benefits on this platform:

  • Creatives who don’t want to repeat the same old mistakes and who would like to reach their full potential. Feedback received at is what creatives need to be inspired and make a difference. It’s a gamechanger here.
  • Advisors who love giving inspiring feedback. All trusted advisors are welcome to share their feedback in this hub. How does it work? Time spent on a creative’s post is being tracked and, as an advisor, you establish your hourly rate. You can even communicate with creatives through chat, audio, and video conferencing. What’s more, it is easy to find regular customers once you receive five inspiring feedback comments. 
  • Companies can offer insightful feedback for creative’s projects and get in touch with them. This is a great way to attract more talents, use this platform to conduct the selection. The whole process is valuable for both companies and creatives.

In their own words, their task is to help people to achieve self-fulfillment faster and easier than currently possible and establish trusting relationships. The focus is to connect like-minded people who could intellectually, emotionally, or imaginatively enrich one other. In this way, provides decent incomes for many people instead of a few.

Technology + Connecting Creatives

Frank Gerhardt, the CEO, says his passion was to figure out how to learn something effectively when there are no fixed rules. Like in art.

As Frank Gerhardt pointed out: 

“Circling around this question we founded with the main intention to create a community where people really start helping each other to become great inspiring creatives. The secret fuel of many artists.”

Gerhardt further explained: 

“We saw the tendency of people being bored to just quickly flatter each other online and when these people were in a situation where they really needed thoughtful advice they at best they asked some friends and if they couldn’t help they just took a bold “intuitive” decision. Which mostly ended with bored viewers at their premieres.”

As Gerhardt jokingly highlighted, greyt.ME is similar to a classic dating platform. Only instead of finding your perfect love, you’ll find your perfect mentor here. 

greyt.ME is similar to a classic dating platform. Only instead of finding your perfect love, you’ll find your perfect mentor here. 

Besides the feedback will show the creative work in a new light, you can also find beneficial knowledge shared in blog section. 

So, to sum up – you just need to focus on being creative. And will do the rest.


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