Hayatech.me – Transforming Businesses into Healthy Communities

Hayatech.me – Transforming Businesses into Healthy Communities

Health and wellness have always been an essential part of our lives. With today’s global integration of IoT and wellness technology, it seems that leading a healthy lifestyle can be even more fun with tech. 

By including entire communities into an individual’s fitness journey, people become each other’s accountability partners. This, in turn, leads to a positive behavioral change.

This is exactly what Hayatech.me’s mission is. With their focus on transforming businesses into healthy communities, it is easy to see how their innovative SaaS and connected hardware platform can support a switch towards a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at what this startup from Bahrain has put together.

Hayatech SaaS and connected hardware platform

Realizing that IoT today affects how we live our lives, Hayatech decided to build a SaaS and connected hardware platform. The idea was to help corporations support their employees. With Hayatech, corporations could transform employees lifestyle into a healthier one and also empower wellness companies to build brand loyalty

How does Hayatech work?

First, users connect their fitness wearable with the Hayatech mobile application through the Hayatech SaaS platform. Great news: all the popular wearables including Apple Watch, Garmin, Google Fit, Strava, Polar, Fitbit, Misfit, including the company’s own Hayatech Fitness Tracker work support the Hayatech platform so users don’t have to change their favorite fitness wearable or smartwatch.

Hayatech.me aims to transform businesses into healthy communities through their innovative SaaS and connected hardware platform.

Then, a real-time engagement dashboard gets things going. A company can customize the dashboard according to its KPIs and create things like challenges and leaderboards to encourage employee participation, build healthy competition, excitement and community around wellness in the workplace.

Employee engagement and participation is rewarded and monetized through a wellness currency which the employees can use to exchange for a wellness reward in the form of a favorite spa treatment or even a free flight. Each person can track their progress and personal best scores which can inspire a positive change in their (business) community.

The Hayatech platform has one additional (and very important!) feature. It can collect insights through surveys, which companies can then use to make better business decisions and strategies.

Hayatech helps companies increase ROI

By turning a company into a healthier and more engaged community, corporates create the opportunity to optimize their healthcare costs. 


According to Hayatech, their platform can lead to a 75% average increase in engagement, a 25% average reduction in absenteeism, and 3X ROI in reduced health costs

Employees are incentivized and rewarded for being more active and engaged collectively, which affects their overall wellbeing and happiness. Consequently, companies get a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Wellness companies can leverage the Hayatech innovative marketing and loyalty platform and get a direct distribution channel for connecting with their target audience.

Nurturing a healthy office culture helps businesses retain talented individuals. When a company cares for its most valuable asset-employees, people feel appreciated and taken care of which inspires them to continue to work and be more productive for the company.

Healthy and engaged (company) community is an advantage in the recruiting process because a company that prioritizes and values employee health is definitely a company that more people would want to work for. 

It’s simple, really – the healthier and happier people are, the better the company operates.

Hayatech marketplace for wellness brands

Hayatech also supports the wellness companies in the MENA region. They utilize an innovative marketing and loyalty platform and get a direct distribution channel for connecting with their target audience. 

The Hayatech marketplace is where brands can feature and promote their wellness products and services. By rewarding participants for their physical activity, movements, and efforts, brands get a chance to build awareness and engagement. Companies can sponsor customized and localized employee challenges and in that way get direct marketing access to their target market. 

Employee engagement and participation is rewarded and monetized through a wellness currency which the employees can use to exchange for a wellness reward.

When brands want to actively contribute to a person’s well-being, they build connection and loyalty among their customers. This represents the most important aspect of a sustainable business.

The real-time dashboard provides invaluable data to the wellness brands. It shows the performance of their products and services featured on the Hayatech marketplace. The dashboard also enables them to measure key customer interaction. They can even create surveys that can help them turn customer feedback into meaningful brand strategies.

Startup awards and recognition

Hayatech innovative solution has already won several startup awards and recognitions.

They were one of the eight Bahrain startups selected by MIT Pan Arab Federation and Tamkeen to exhibit at TechCrunch in Silicon Valley in September 2019. 

Also, Hayatech was a part of the StartUp Bahrain delegation to the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, in November 2019. 

Pretty impressive for a startup that’s been on the market for less than a year.

Next, they won ​1st place in the Seedstars Manama competition​ and represented Bahrain at the MENA Regional Seedstars competition in December 2019. 

Hayatech and the six other startups will represent the region at the Seedstars Summit 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland. There, they will compete for the title of the Seedstars Global Winner and win up to USD 500,000 in equity investment and other prizes. 

Pretty impressive for a startup that’s been on the market for less than a year. Not to mention that currently, it is in the seed funding stage!

The idea behind Hayatech

Hayatech is a startup from Bahrain founded in April 2019. Its founders, Sandra Maria Knight (COO), Frederick Simon Bastin (CEO), and Mohamed Salih (CTO) wanted to make a change. in the lives of employees and businesses in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region. 

The idea to found Hayatech was born upon coming across some shocking information. Namely, more than 70% of deaths in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries occur due to sedentary and inactive lifestyle.

Unfortunately, a vast percentage of the employees in the region belong to this inactive category of the population. This, not only affects the quality of their lives, but it also results in a disengaged workforce. This can cost companies up to 15% of economic output, causing rises in healthcare costs, sick leave, and lost productivity.

So, the founders put their minds together and came up with an innovative solution that changes things for the better. 

Future of business communities

Corporations and businesses of any size will need to pay more and more attention to employee health and well-being if they want to remain competitive in every sense of the world. Companies that manage to transform their office culture into a health-oriented one with the help of innovative startups like Hayatech set themselves up for long-term success.


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