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How to Share Your WiFi Connection on Windows 7 with

By Nikola Krajacic, August 31, 2011

Student dorms, airports and other public places often have access to the Internet via wire or wirelessly, although there are quite a few limits on the number of devices you can connect at one time. Maybe you’re on a trip with friends and you’re the only one with a 3G device for your laptop.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow share your connection to the Internet directly on your laptop? Leave your switches at home, I’m talking about wireless Internet connection sharing. If you have a Windows 7 operating system installed on your laptop, now you can share the web with

Divide And Rule is software that will turn your laptop into a wireless hotspot so you can share it with your friends. You can use it for connection sharing when you’re the only one with Internet access, use it as a hotspot (on conferences) or even extend the range of your home Wi-Fi router.

If there is no Internet connection at all, you can still use Connectify to set up your laptop as a hotspot and play games in LAN multiplayer with your friends while waiting for your flight or riding in the train. It is really simple, check it out:

Connect With The World was createdin 2009 during one night when the authors were on a trip and the hotel they stayed in wanted to charge not only the use of Wi-Fi, but for the number of devices connected to it as well! It is one of those simple, must-have applications that you’ll love to use and that every system should have installed, like Dropbox and TrueCrypt. It has its free version as well as a paid version with some additional features, like customizing your hotspot’s name.


If your laptop has any other OS except Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008r2, won’t be helpful as it relies on some improvements in the core of Windows 7.

Many for The Price of One

Next time when you need to pay for a Wi-Fi connection in a hotel or at a bar, do it. Immediately download and share the connection with your friends or the entire bar if you like! If you really love it, consider getting a Pro version, it will help you and it will give a boost to the developers. For any additional questions, comments and information drop in on’s site, blog, Facebook or Twitter.


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