ID.ME Launches Covid.Slack.Com

ID.ME Launches Covid.Slack.Com

Cooperation is the key to success, is a well known saying that could not be more true than in times like these. With the outbreak of COVID-19 world pandemic, everyone’s doing their best to cooperate and contribute towards flattening the curve. Countries across the world are implementing preventive measures to secure the well being of their citizens and control the containment rates. Numerous tools and services across all fields are offering their products free of charge in order to help make the everyday life as easy as possible. 

While our jobs have turned remote almost overnight, we have found ourselves (if not before, then surely now) using communication tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Slack.

ID.ME, an American online identity network company, went a step further and launched a real-time collaboration workspace on Slack for doctors to communicate on the matters relating to COVID-19.

ID.ME Launches

ID.ME Launches Covid.Slack.Com

When combating the spread of COVID-19 virus, our first and the most important line of defence is none other than medical personnel. That is why on March, 24th ID.ME announced that they have enabled a real-time collaboration workspace for U.S. Health Care Community on Slack, an instant messaging and collaboration hub. 

“With COVID-19 infections continuing to rise, now is the time to come together and leverage the collective expertise of the U.S. health care community,” said CEO and founder Blake Hall. “With this new, real-time collaboration workspace on Slack, health care professionals can help each other with smart, actionable, accurate information and learnings.”

The workplace on Slack is open to all accredited health care providers free of charge, upon completing a swift online enrollment process. Here doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are invited to share their findings, pose questions and create topic-related channels.

To ensure that only the verified health care providers are part of the COVID workspace on Slack, ID.ME created an additional verification step. In order to be granted the access to the workspace, users have to perform an identity and medical credential verification process. This is a quick process that asks only for the absolutely needed information, and the users can rest assured that their information would not be shared with third parties.

Within the first 24 hours since the opening of the workspace, there were more than 450 registered members.

About ID.ME

ID.ME Launches Covid.Slack.Com is the first digital identity network that allows consumers to prove who they are online while controlling how their information is shared with brands. For participating organizations, acts as a trusted intermediary, capable of verifying consumer identity and group affiliations in real-time. This allows brands to ensure a consistent customer experience across offline and online channels while reducing costs associated with manual verification.

The idea behind the ID.ME originated when the founder and CEO Blake Hall, a decorated Army Ranger, witnessed an army veteran who was forced to show official army documents in order to prove that he was eligible for the store discount. The trouble, as Mr Hall noticed, was that these documents contained a lot of personal information that were not a vital part of the ‘evidence’ for the discount eligibility. This prompted Mr Hall to found ID.ME and solve the problem at hand. Soon, ID.ME grew it available to anyone who wants to securely prove and share their identity online. 

More than that, the military, students, teachers, medical workers, first responders and government employees can quickly prove their affiliations to their organisations and be eligible for various discounts.

Mr Hall said, “Online identity impacts everything we do on the Internet – from commenting on articles to interacting with brands, governments, and organizations. We built to make the web a more trusted place where users are in control of how their information is shared with third parties and brands are able to deliver exclusive offers without fear of fraud.“

Nowadays, we are all concerned about the issue of digital privacy, but assures that they do not share information with third parties without our member’s explicit permission. members retain complete control over how, or if, their information is shared on a case-by-case basis.

How You Can Use ID.ME

ID.ME Launches Covid.Slack.Com

Using consumers need only verify their identity and group affiliations one time in order to obtain an credential that is portable across a network of brand partners. After verification, eligible users can quickly verify their group affiliation to a participating retailer by clicking on the corresponding group logo on a retailer’s website, logging in, and providing the retailer with permission to access the minimum amount of personal information necessary to claim the benefit — often just the member’s name and a Yes/No response as to the group affiliation. This approach eliminates the burden on the individual to repeatedly enter sensitive information on multiple websites while providing higher conversion rates for brands.

Before You Go

ID.ME Launches Covid.Slack.Com

Today, cooperation is more important than ever. Not all of us have the possibility to contribute like ID.ME and launching a workspace for medical personnel, but we can all play our part at flattening the curve, by either doing our citizens duty and keeping the social distance or contributing the best way we can. 

.ME wishes that you and your family stay safe and take care of yourself and loved ones during the Covid-19 outbreak. Take preemptive measures and play your part by staying at home and socially distancing yourself.


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