[INFOGRAPHIC] Effective Content Marketing Tactics for Startups

[INFOGRAPHIC] Effective Content Marketing Tactics for Startups

Just a couple of decades ago, getting the product you just launched in front of a large audience was unimaginable. The most effective media was TV and the price of a 30-second ad could go from a couple of hundred dollars for a local TV station to couple of million dollars for the ad of the same length on a national station during primetime. As a starting business, there was no way you could compete with that. Luckily, things today are a lot different.

Digital age equipped us with a number of tools we can use to effectively promote our business online, and with every third person being online, there is no better way to access our audience. Additionally, where previous strategies relied on spray and pray marketing, today you have the opportunity to identify your audience and target them exclusively.

However, what most startups get wrong, is that just being online or on social media is not enough. The competition for customer attention is tougher than ever and you have only 15 seconds to convince your visitors that your content is worth their time. One way to differentiate yourself is through the creation of high-quality content – content that is timely, contextually relevant, solves a real problem, and personalized for your audience.

In our infographic, you can read more about the impact custom content marketing can have on your lead generation efforts and the ways users perceive it. Hint: 61% of people feel better about the company that delivers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company.

Infographic on effective content marketing tactics for startups


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