[INFOGRAPHIC] How Online Content Can Help (or Hurt) Your Job Search

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Online Content Can Help (or Hurt) Your Job Search

We are surrounded by stories of mounting student debt and difficulties of finding a job in the ever-competitive labor market. Students who spent four years or more expanding their knowledge and honing their skills still seem to miss the criteria posed by their potential employers.

This June, .ME registry conducted a study involving 300 U.S. human resource professionals who regularly manage staffing and recruiting for their organizations. The goal of the study was to take the guesswork out of finding a job by going directly to HR professionals and inquiring about their recruiting habits and evaluation criteria. The survey shed light on the impact of new technologies on recruiting, and on the rising importance of well-managed online presence for job applicants.

Key Findings:

–       Over the next 5 years, HR pros anticipate the recruitment process will be more reliant on digital content than ever before.

–       Content that could be found on a candidate’s social sites is more likely to hinder a job seeker’s candidacy than enhance it.

–       Personal websites leave a positive impression on HR professionals and can be a distinct competitive advantage.

Some of the data from the study can be found in the following infographic. As for the rest, we decided to release it gradually and the following list will be updated accordingly:

Personal Website Gives Job Seekers an Advantage in a Competitive Job Market

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How Personal Websites Can Make Recruiting Human Again

We decided to collect all the data on HR recruiting trends and habits in one place in form of an eBook. You can download it here!

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Online Content Can Help (or Hurt) Your Job Search


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