「INFOGRAPHIC」 The Anatomy of a Successful Freelancer

「INFOGRAPHIC」 The Anatomy of a Successful Freelancer

Being a freelancer in the current economy means being a part of a billion-dollar industry, with a high growth tendency in the near future. By 2020 it will involve over 60 million freelancers in US only, which adds up to 40% of the total workforce.

In the freelance industry, payments increase 37% every year, attracting more and more university graduates to this type of employment.  Based on the statistics, the most successful freelancers are mostly Generation X women working in the Finance Management Sector.

For any freelancer, personal branding is a key factor for reaching the best type of employers. Building a recognizable personal brand is what changes the cost of a service from $10 to $1000, while having the right website domain, like .ME, can make all the difference regarding brand development.

The biggest pitfall for any freelancer is getting paid. Choosing the most suited payment method for the particular needs of a freelancer can help keep a steady income. One of the best ways of ensuring a timely payment is using invoicing software or including a milestone payment in your contract.

Freelancing is the future of the world’s economy while freelancers are the workforce that is going to drive it.

「INFOGRAPHIC」 The Anatomy of a Successful Freelancer


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