What Are You Going to do With Your iPhone 5 Domain Name?

The world of technology bloggers is quite interesting; everytime a product gets announced, based on its popularity, several dozens of blogs just pop up.

All of those blogs are based on one very insecure and unconfirmed thing – rumors. For the last couple of months every tech blog announced that Apple will introduce a brand new iPhone 5 this Tuesday and many of them registered all kinds of domain names. And then came Apple’s keynote event. No iPhone 5, “just” an iPhone 4S.

Domain Squatting is Bad

Domain squatting is often an act of registering a domain name with intent to make a profit from it by offering them to the trademark owners at a much higher price. A blog domain like MyiPhone5Blog.me isn’t considered domain squatting – it can be a little sneaky.

Many bloggers tend to register countless variations of the name that will eventually do one of the following:

  • Point to a blog on the domain topic (iPhone 5 in this case) or;
  • Be offered for sale on some domain name auction site.

Why It Won’t Work For You?

The plan is great on paper; register a great domain, optimize it for search engines and the traffic to the blog will be generated on its own. If there is no traffic, just sell the domain for a couple of hundreds of dollars. Win-win.

Yeah… That’s not how it will work out. First of all, there are several blogs already established as leaders and authorities in the tech world and you as a begginer don’t have much of chance to prove that you’ve got the quality needed in such a short time. After all, you opened a blog for a single product, what’s so special about that?

Facebook Srbija had to change its name to Fejsbuk Srbija

Potential trademark issues are also your problem. Facebook recently sent out a warning to a Serbian Facebook blog because their name was Facebook Srbija. They had to rename and change their domain name! WordPress did the same so every template site that had wordpress in its name had to change it to wp or something else.

If you do get some traffic from the search engines, you probably won’t have too much content there, because let’s face it – you bought a domain name just to make a quick buck. Without any (quality) content, there are no advertisers, partners, visitors or money.

Don’t forget that your biggest enemy are the rumors. Every blog expected to get an iPhone 5 this week, numerous articles were titled with “iPhone 5…” and when the time came, Apple’s Tim Cook introduced us to the brand new… iPhone 4S. I don’t even want to imagine how iPhone 5 domain owners felt at that moment.

Wait, Wait, I’m a Blogger!

Of course, we’ll get our iPhone 5 eventually. But what if you bought domain names for something that will never get released to the public? This is why domains, although very important, are not above quality content.

Content is the King! (Image credit: Millennier-inc.com)

If you’re a blogger and you want to run an iPhone 5 blog, feel free to get a MyiPhone5Blog.me domain name and write about it. Make a summary of all the rumors, grab some interviews, review some apps, create content! It just might create a base of readers who will share your content. When the time comes, you will have a content-rich blog and what’s more important – a chance to become an authority onthe  iPhone 5.

But if you just want to make some easy money out of catchy domain names, don’t even bother. You just might get tricked by rumors as you’ve been tricked now.


Nikola Krajacic

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