Domains on Your iPhone: 4 Domain Apps You’ll Use

Everyone who is in the domain name business probably owns a smartphone, or  more likely – an iPhone. The speed and the intensity of the domain name market forced not only domain savvies but everyone to get some proper tools that ensure they ‘ll always have the most useful and up-to-date information at the right time.

These are some useful applications for your iPhone which you can use as your domain name arsenal. Check them out!


DomainPro by Bizmosis is a free domain name checker application. You’ll use it in situations when you’ll need to know if a domain name is available or not immediately. Sure, it’s simple and has no extra features, but it’s the fastest way to get some basic domain name information.


If a domain name is available, you’ll be able to purchase it directly from the app.


DomainApp by iWantMyName enables you to look for over 80 domain name extensions right there from the application, which, by the way, is available for both your iPhone and iPod Touch. It actually works as a link to the iWantMyName web site, so you can easily register a domain name as well.


Except the domain availability check and registration, you can also bookmark your search results and check them from the comfort of your home.

Domain Scout

Domain Scout gives you some more options than simple availability check. If the domain is registered, the Scout will search DNS and WHOIS databases in order to discover some contact details so you could easily make a contact with the owner. You can also check the registered sites within the app.

Domain Scout

It supports all domains, including global country-codes and you can even mail the results to your co-workers. If you’re an advanced user of these applications, you’ll love the customizable top-level domain presets which will save you some typing.

Domain Tool

Domain Tool is able to search even Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) so you can look for almost any keyword combination you like. It will send a query to WHOIS servers to find out if a domain name is taken and bookmark your searches.


It works not only with all the popular TLD’s but also with every extension with a WHOIS server.

Getting the information of the domain name availability is crucial for domain name traders. What tools do you use?


Nikola Krajacic

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