Ipyro.Me: The New Way Of Advertising

Ipyro.Me: The New Way Of Advertising

Communication – one of the most powerful tools in advertising and marketing in general.  Nothing can leave such a huge impact as communication and every person in this industry knows that. If you have a product or service and need a good advertising tool with strong communication channel, you should definitely take a look at ipyro.Me.  Idea is all you need as the ipyro.Me team will do the rest for you. Spreading things faster than anyone else? Yeah, these guys can do it.

So, what is exactly ipyro.Me?

Ipyro.Me is a platform that works on a word of mouth principle. It helps connects brands and important people in a very short notice. Through ipyro.Me it is possible to spread and share things with audience really fast.  This is how brands create channels in order to promote their content.

Ipyro.Me is the most powerful word of mouth platform out there. Why? Because we’re powered by fame. Our buzzers’ fame. We choose our buzzers carefully, and that’s what makes us powerful. That’s why one word from our buzzers beats any paid media channel, and that’s exactly why Ipyro.Me is a highly valuable tool for advertisers. With us, brands can reach a lot of people in the most effective way, in the shortest amount of time. We are equally great for our buzzers, as we reward them generously for the work they do. Ipyro.Me is a win-win for everyone involved and that’s why it’s working so well.

How does ipyro.Me work?

The secret of ipyro.Me lies in buzzers. They are carefully picked because buzzers are one of the most important part of this successful business. Through interview with potential buzzers, ipyro.Me checks their profiles and determines just how influential they are when it comes to social networks and how much they can contribute, hence company is in a constant search for new and effective buzzers.

The idea behind ipyro.Me is to lower the costs of marketing for their clients and to reach vast audience. It doesn’t matter if the brand or a service is new or already established, ipyro.Me manages to reach the desired audience that their clients want.

Through the very innovative technology, ipyro.Me is measuring Word of Mouth ( WOM ) interaction on the Internet. Their platform enables them to see comments, likes and how the brand is accepted among the audience. Furthermore ipyro.Me offers to their clients some very useful advises and analysis about good and not so good things considering their products and services. Using this method, the client has more insight in what the audience really wants or prefers.

Communicating is the key to success. This is the main reason social networks leave such a huge impact on the desired audience. Define your goals and ipyro.Me will do the rest for you – they will create the buzz about you, your products or services!


Dora Jelaković

Our blogger Dora has graduated at the University of Zagreb, where she majored in Business Economy, department of Marketing. She is interested in Promotion, Creative strategies, traveling and writing in general.

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