Domain.ME Community Plans National ‘ME Day’ Celebration On March 16th

Domain.ME Community Plans National ‘ME Day’ Celebration On March 16th

A growing community of influencers, business owners and personal branding advocates are joining Domain.ME, the provider of the .me domain extension, to designate March 16, 2015, the first-ever “ME Day” in the U.S. — a day to celebrate and share what makes each of us unique and to indulge, nourish and develop our personal passions and skills.

“We all deserve at least one day to celebrate our achievements, embrace our one-of-a-kind personalities and connect to what is really important to us. The growing Domain.ME community is comprised of influencers, entrepreneurs and business owners who are sharing their personal brand with the world – that’s why this community is leading the effort to observe ME Day,” said Predrag Lesic, CEO of Domain.ME.

A recent survey conducted by Domain.ME revealed that 70% of Americans feel they don’t take regular “me time.”  Reasons U.S. respondents cited for not prioritizing their own unique offering included a lack of time or a sense of guilt for putting themselves first.  While the calendar is full of days that celebrate the roles we play in our lives – like Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, or Valentine’s Day – there is no designated day to celebrate individual identity.

When asked if they would be excited about a holiday that celebrated “me,” nearly half of survey respondents said “heck, yeah!”

“Our business is about enabling and empowering people to achieve their personal goals, so we are naturally supportive of a ME Day effort to get people thinking about and pursuing their passions,” said Tony Stubblebine, CEO and founder of, which connects users with coaches who help them reach milestones. “Whether your objective is fitness, mental clarity, building your business or learning a new skill like a language or a musical instrument; you have to dedicate time and energy.  A ME Day will be unique to the individual – the important thing is consciously making it a priority.”

The Domain.ME community will celebrate the first-ever ME Day at the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas on March 16th with a ME Day Party.  ME Day ambassadors will be live tweeting the event.  Anyone celebrating his or her own ME Day is invited to the conversation by using the hashtag #MEDay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share how they will honor the occasion.

The Domain.ME community has compiled the following ways to enjoy more “me time” across the U.S. on ME Day:

For everyone

– Read: many people want to curl up with some good fiction, or dive into a self-help or professional development book
– Exercise: from yoga or mountain biking to just taking a walk, exercise improves our physical well-being and state of mind
– Sleep in: a simple pleasure that is often hard to come by, a good night’s sleep or a cat nap can refresh our outlook on life
– “Unplug”: take a break from your mobile devices for a few hours
– Go outside: connecting with nature can be both soothing and inspiring
– Volunteer: a “me day” doesn’t have to be spent solo – many people find it personally rewarding to share their time and skills with those in need
– Travel: you don’t have to go far away – exploring someplace new on a day trip can be invigorating
– Check something off of your “bucket list”: ME Day is the perfect time to do something you’ve always wanted to do

For entrepreneurs or small business owners

A ME Day does not have to mean taking a day off of work.  In fact, entrepreneurs and small business owners can use this “me time” to move beyond the day-to-day of business as usual and reconnect with their passion for their work.

– Tackle a project you’ve had on hold: spend time writing, update your website and other online pages, redesign or organize your office space
– Network: attend an event to meet new contacts, organize a meet up of like-minded professionals, or pursue new partnerships
– Mentor: sharing your enthusiasm and talent with those who are looking for inspiration can help re-ignite your passion for your work
– Take a class: it could be a skills-based lesson, or perhaps a more personal class (like stress reduction or meditation) that could help with professional development

For moms and dads

Domain.ME survey results showed that parents were even less likely than non-parents to carve out “me time.”  Some suggested activities for parents’ ME Days include:

– Enjoy a spa day: escaping to a spa provides mental relaxation and physical pampering
– Catch up with friends or family: connecting with important people in your life – maybe even those who’ve known you since before you also played the role of mom or dad – can help you reconnect with yourself
– Watch a movie / TV: embrace the simple pleasure of choosing your own entertainment and enjoying it without interruption
– Go shopping: for a real “ME Day” challenge, try shopping only for yourself for one day; indulge in a present just for you

For more information about ME Day and how the community is celebrating, interested parties can follow the Domain.ME blog in the weeks leading up to March 16th.

“Celebrating ME Day means celebrating what makes you unique,” said Predrag Lesic. “We like to think of every person’s special traits and skills as their superpowers.  ME Day can be about developing new strengths, finding ways to share your powers with the world, or even recharging a bit. Share how you are celebrating on social media with the hashtag #MEDay.”

The goal of this blog post is to spread the values of self-appreciation and importance of taking care of ourselves, and give you a place where you can feature who you are and celebrate your achievements. All of these values are going to be embodied in “ME Day” celebration on March 16th, 2015.



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