Just.ME: Keep Your Sharing Under Control

Just.ME: Keep Your Sharing Under Control

Today it seems like everyone knows everything about everybody. Being a part of social networks sometimes means losing your privacy. Of course, it can be your own choice to share your everyday life with everyone, but some people want to keep things under control. As we are already aware, some social networks don’t make things easier for people who like to keep things a little bit more private. Just.ME is a platform that allows you to keep everything under control.  Share things with everyone or keep it just for yourself. That’s the motto of Just.ME

How Just.ME Makes A Difference?

Just.ME is a free mobile messaging platform that contains… everything: voice messages, camera application, texting, email and video capture. It is free and easy to use. Just.ME will use your address book and put you in control. It lets you decide who will see shared messages. It is all up to you and how much you want to stay private or public.  Posts, messages and memories have unlimited photos, videos and text. Everything is saved in your private cloud that you control. So, every time you want to refresh some memories, they will wait for you there.


This application could be a serious competition for Facebook Home launcher on Android platform, but the team of Just.ME doesn’t think that way. In interview for TechCrunch they explained how and why they are different from Facebook:

“We do not see ourselves as competing with Facebook Home. We are far ahead feature wise and very different in that we are an open and distributed network, not a centralized one. We rather see ourselves as offering users features and controls that others have yet to build,” he said. “We want to be a major player in delivering multi-faceted messaging to users.”

The application is currently available only on iPhone, but soon it will be on Android too. If your contacts don’t have Just.ME app at the moment, they will be able to read your messages via SMS or email.

Just.Me is an application that completely allows you to decide how much you want to share with others. Easy to use and with all features, soon it will become essential in social networking. Always be aware of which information needs to stay private and which can go public. Just.ME is giving you an opportunity to go both ways, so grab your chance and make things how you want them to be.


Dora Jelaković

Our blogger Dora has graduated at the University of Zagreb, where she majored in Business Economy, department of Marketing. She is interested in Promotion, Creative strategies, traveling and writing in general.

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