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Connect with your customers in a more personable way.
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€5.90 .ME domain first-year registration

Your website is all about you – so why not go with a .ME? Use this limited promotion with HEXONET to register your personal .ME domain for only €5.90 (first-year registration). Take control over your public persona today!

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£2.99 .ME domain first-year registration

Every empire had to have that first building block – make yours .ME. Register your personal .ME domain for just £2.99 (first-year registration) and take a look at various other services GoDaddy has to offer. Pairing your .ME with an email account or hosting is always a winning idea.

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5.99 USD .ME domain first-year registration plus 50% discount on G Suite

Register your .ME domain for 5.99 USD and get professional Gmail along with shared Docs, Drive, Calendars, and more for just 2.08 USD /mo

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Premium names are highly valuable .Me domains, such as key-words and generics, which naturally create call-to-action and catchy marketing messages chiefly due to their memorability and multiplicity of meaning. A number of .Me premium names have already been turned to successful online services receiving tons of traffic.

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The Most Personal Domain Name

With .ME domain you are getting a perfect call-to-action to personalize your brand’s name and connect with your customers.


All the SEO benefits

Google and other search engines treat .ME in an equal way as .COM or .NET and every other traditional domain extension.

Higher Availability

Get creative with .ME domains and express your business better, with higher availability compared to traditional domains.

Safe and Secure

With .ME your business is sending a message of trust. We don’t allow spamming or malware on .ME domains. Also, .ME is DNSSEC enabled so you can get an extra protection.

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.ME Search

Get Inspired:

Spotify.Me Showcases Your Streaming Habits In An Appealing Way

How Spotify personalized their service with .ME

Spotify personalized their business with .ME domain, to showcase personal side of each of their customers’ playlists, and what makes them unique.  


PayPal.Me Is Your Personal Link for Getting Paid – Instantly

PayPal used .ME to make personalized URLs for each of their customers to get paid in one of the simplest and friendliest ways. - the Perfect App for Vloggers – the Perfect App for Vloggers provides a space for talents to express themselves and their branding with .ME sets them off to do just so.


About.ME – the most personal name for a personal website

About.ME used .ME domain to build their personalized brand as a website for people to quickly and simply assemble a personal web page.

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Join the ranks of successful engineers and entrepreneurs who are building their online empires on .ME.

.ME Search

Don’t Take it From Us:

For us, the “Me” ties into our brand position that Jet is the first service where kids can be themselves and establish their digital identity for the future.

Jenny Mirken


Just by saying our name, you know what we are about-memes. It has saved us marketing expenses in more ways than I can quantify.

Arnan de Gans

If I were to make my site more personal – the domain name should reflect that in a proper way.

Shane Walker

CEO and Cofounder, ME.ME

Rule your online domain with .ME!

Take control of your online brand today – start by registering a domain name that is all about YOU.

.ME Search

.ME Premium Domain Names

.ME premium domains are highly valuable .ME domains, such as key-words and generic words, which naturally create call-to-action and catchy marketing message. These domains are reserved for our Premium Domain Program, where our goal is to match the best, most creative .ME domains with the best, most creative projects, services, and websites. A number of .ME premium names have been already turned to successful online services receiving tons of traffic.

Successful Premium Domains:

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