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Need some inspiration? Here’s advice by your fellow freelancers with substantial experience on what they would do differently if they were starting out now!

Anita Valentinova

Keep a portfolio, don’t share it only in resumes and documents here and there. Think about your brand, record your achievements, think creatively how to showcase it and include numbers to prove results. Don’t think about a portfolio when it’s too late to recover your artefacts. Stay hungry for new learning opportunities and always think transferable skills from one project/work to another.

Luka Zaric

Be proactive. Create your online portfolio and focus on networking. Don’t be shy to approach others, ask questions and their opinions. A job opportunity can be anywhere, so don’t simply focus on freelancing platforms. Get out of your comfort zone and be prepared to work hard.

Brent Galloway

My biggest piece of advice for anyone who is starting out in design would be to create as much work as possible. First, find out what type of design work you obsess over, then find out how you can make a living out of that obsession. At the end of the day, your entire career will thrive off your ability to create, so you have to love doing it.

Nodari Kobakhidze

Getting your name out is the most important. Always be up for the challenges, do something new, something fancy. Opportunities will start finding you (as long as you keep seeking them), and you better keep taking those opportunities. Work hard and smart!

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