Making Last-second Vacation Plans? These Companies Can Help You out!

Making Last-second Vacation Plans? These Companies Can Help You out!

We’ve all been there – it’s the middle of the holiday season and you have absolutely no clue where to go! Maybe you’ve been too busy at work, maybe you weren’t sure if you’d have enough cash to travel, OR you were just plain in a full-on procrastination mode. We get it, it happens! 😄

Whatever the situation might be, you’ll actually be able to get away with it (again) because there are awesome people that can help you out! Companies like Srprs.ME, EightyDays.ME, and Trip.ME are taking travel and tourism to another level and we are proud to say that they choose .ME domains for their online homes.

Let’s take a look at the amazing services these travel pioneers have to offer!

Srprs.ME – Destination Unknown

If you feel that you need a serious break from your control freak-ish habits, you’ll find out that the team behind Srps.ME are just the right crowd for you! They’ll do all the planning – transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, and make sure everything meets your stated budget, travel area, and other (un)imaginable preferences and requirements. 

Srprs.ME keeps you on the edge of your seat – you find out where you’re traveling to when you reach the airport!

The magic lies in the fact that you’ll find out where you’re going to only when you reach the airport.

Jaw drop.

Yes! Your unique city break can start without all the hassle of planning. Clear your mind, let yourself go, and enjoy the spontaneity to the fullest. And if you by any chance get yourself in a situation where you might need help, their team’s got you covered with their round-the-clock support.

With over 260,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we can see that their message resonates with many people who are ready to embrace this surprisingly refreshing travel concept.

EightyDays.ME – Effortless, Wallet-friendly, Multi-destination Trips

The option of seeing as much as 7 different cities and pay as little as possible is something Jules Verne would certainly love. All you’ve got to do is choose your starting point, travel area or type of holiday, travel dates, and let the EightyDays.ME’s insanely amazing algorithm do the rest.

If you don’t quite like the first option you get, or you simply want to see what else is there, not a problem! You can shuffle cities around and make any additional changes. For instance, they have an Around feature where you can choose which cities you’d like to visit, from ‘Europe: Best Cities To Visit’, ‘Europe: Sunny Destinations’, to individual countries like France, Italy, Spain & Portugal. 

EightyDays.ME helps you find the best and most efficient travel fare deals for your multi-destination trip!

The booking stage is where the magic happens. You press the “BOOK for…” button and you get ALL the flight/train/ferry tickets by making a SINGLE payment. A few hours upon payment, you get the electronic tickets with all the details. By the way, they organize direct flights only and have a team of travel experts available to you 24/7, in case you need support.

Told ya – it’s magic.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention their impressive Facebook community of over 36,700 followers where you can find out more about other people’s experiences.

Trip.ME – Your Destination Experts

Are you looking to get a more local feel and experience of a destination? There’s no better way of going about it than with Trip.ME. 

There are two options you can choose from:

  1. Hundreds of trips and itineraries designed by agencies, or
  2. Your dream trip which you get to create on your own.

An amazing thing about this is that you can customize, select, and book the best trip ever by directly contacting the Destination Experts and local agencies in more than 85 countries worldwide. This step eliminates the usual middleman and enables you to get the best bang for your buck.

Trip.ME allows you to choose your perfect adventure or design your own by connecting you to the best local travel agencies and Destination Experts!

The platform puts the traveler in charge and gives you the reliable know-how and the most up-to-date info about your destination only a local can provide. Once you let them know what your budget is and what you really want, you’re practically just a few clicks away from going on an adventure of a lifetime.

A great thing about the people behind Trip.ME is that they support sustainable travel and responsible tourism. For those reasons, they partner up with local agencies that share their ideas.

Feeling Inspired? – Bonus Tip

Maybe this whole talk inspired you to take action and organize a trip yourself. If you need just a few more bits and pieces to tailor your ultimate vacation adventure, check out Rove.ME and explore the world of best holiday destinations and travel vacation ideas. 

Whether you’re looking for a sunny destination in December or a perfect family getaway in the middle of summer, you’ll find enough information about the location, the weather, ongoing festivals, events and other types of happenings to make the best of your journey. 

Just seeing all the wonderful images of fantastic places around the world will be enough to wake up your travel bug!

There you go! These are probably the best and most unique ways to make great last-second vacation plans. You don’t always need to have everything planned out and bring a binder full of maps and detailed plans of your journey. Let someone else do it for you! Trust their expert advice and enjoy your vacation!

And, if you’re in no rush at all and want to know how the future of travel is going to look like, stick around and wait to see what Fly.ME will have to offer. 👽


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