Liigu – The Coolest App-Based Car-Rental Service

Liigu – The Coolest App-Based Car-Rental Service

We’ve all heard about car leasing. And car-rental is a well-known and established concept all over the world. Now, somewhere in between the two, there is Liigu

Simply put, Liigu is a car-rental service that gives you all of the benefits of owning a car without actually buying it. The process is extremely simple. All you need to do is download the app, choose a car and step on the gas. There is no down payment, hidden charges, long-term commitment, or any kind of hassle. You can even extend, cancel or swap a car at any time. 

Sounds awesome, right? We’ve decided to dig a little deeper and see what this startup is all about.

An App-Based Car-Rental

Founded in 2021, Liigu is one of the fastest-growing startups in Estonia today. Currently, their service is available in Italy, Spain, France, Estonia, and Latvia and 17 towns: Nice, Faro, Valencia, Milan, Alicante, Toulouse, Barcelona, Porto, Pisa, Lisbon, Bergamo, Riga, Malaga, Venice, Tallinn, Paris, and Lyon. Their goal for 2022 is to be available in two more countries and 15 new cities. Also, more languages will be covered by their customer service. 

Liigu has launched in a period of transition for the travel sector, with the goal of changing the paradigm of car-rental. Their service is as convenient as having a car waiting for you in the airport parking lot.

Finally, their long-term goal is to reduce the number of vehicles in general use. And how they plan to do this? Through a sustainable and convenient alternative to owning a car. Consequently, the carbon footprint is reduced too! Per Liigu, the combination of intelligent technologies and intelligent human care is what makes them special.

What Makes Liigu So Special

The thing that sets Liigu apart from similar car-rental services is that the app literally does everything for you. Not only does the app help you locate your vehicle, but it also serves as a key. It also excludes waiting and standing in lines. No more filling all sorts of boring forms! All of this cuts also down the costs, doesn’t it? 

Moreover, Liigu provides more revenue streams and greater utilization rates for their partners – car operators. It also makes it easy to meet the market’s growing demand for contactless services without having to make more investments. 

In a nutshell, Liigu is a time-saving, simple, and totally mobile car-rental solution.

Premium Customer Service

The quality that definitely helped Liigu’s staggering growth is their customer service. As Mrs. Róża Łakota, UX writer, cyber scribe and delivery ninja from Liigu shares: 

“The first season of Liigu has given us valuable customer feedback. Based on this, we can move on when scaling up our services in many new locations in 2022. Customers have really valued the convenience of going straight to the car, without stopping at the desk service.

The Liigu crew also shares some of their impressions. To wit, Liigu has a large number of returning clients and people who choose to subscribe to their vehicles after renting them. Most of the users’ responses are extremely positive. And it gives the hard-working people from Liigu the drive to provide their users a better drive (pardon the pun).  

Plans For The Future

According to a GetApp survey, 92% of respondents deem the availability of a contactless experience important during the epidemic. And 82% say this will remain important even after the pandemic. So, one more reason why contactless is the future is that it blends cutting-edge contactless technology with exceptional customer service

“Taking the most of modern technology, we put our customers’ convenience first. Using Phone-as-a-Key, we strive to guarantee as easy and cost-effective mobility services as possible – fully mobile!” – Róża Łakota

Apart from betting on the right horse with contactless, in July of 2021 Liigu joined forces with Car Rental Gateway and their customizable app platform Titanium Mobility. As Martin Kallasmaa, Car Rental Gateway’s Commercial Director claims: 

“We share a mission with Liigu to offer mobility services to everyone whenever and wherever. Titanium Mobility gives our partners a flexible and efficient tool stack for scaling up a forward-looking service. Our biggest innovation is not technology. It’s the attitude. We want to make car-sharing truly customer-friendly by making the most of the technology that is already out there.

We don’t doubt that the merger of these two companies will become a contactless car sharing powerhouse of the future. 

Wrapping Up

Liigu.ME is a unique car-rental service based on contactless technology. It’s cutting-edge tech, combined with their amazing customer service, creates a hassle-free customer experience.

“Liigu offers a convenient and sustainable alternative to owning a car. We want to slow down the increase in the number of cars without sacrificing the convenience of private transportation. To do this, we have made car sharing an easy choice.” – Liigu.ME

One of the fastest growing startups in Estonia, Liigu is continuing to grow. We are confident that our .ME family will never be tired of having Liigu in its midst.

Drive on!


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