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doMEn Ltd is a Montenegrin joint venture founded in 2008 by Afilias Limited, and ME-net, Ltd that does business as a .ME Registry. The company was chosen by Montenegrin Government to operate the .ME ccTLD of Montenegro. Even though .ME is ccTLD, it soon opened its doors for worldwide registrations and quickly achieved worldwide success.

Due to its deep inherent meaning in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian and languages spoken in the former Yugoslavia) and limitless wording possibilities, just three days after its official launch, .ME recorded its 100 000th registration. Not only that, but during .ME land rush auction period, .ME Registry generated more than US$ 2,000,000.

.ME continued its success during the years with continuous and stable rise in registrations and more and more big brands being connected to .ME and its development program – one of those being, Facebook (,,, Wordpress (, Time (, Mercedes ( and others.
November, 2017
Black Friday was not black for us! We passed 900,000 domain registrations on November 26th, 2017!

Black Friday was not black for us! We passed 900,000 domain registrations on November 26th, 2017!

In March 2016, we had over a million domains in the registry, which was mostly due to China domain market bubble. After the bubble deflated and the numbers dropped in the previous year, the number of registered .ME domains started to grow steadily again. We are now on our regular 6,6% yearly growth. But, as we already stated, there are some things that are more important than numbers. We are recognized for values we promote -encouraging the development of high-quality content on .ME domains. Thank you for all your support!

July, 2017
Spotify.Me Showcases Your Streaming Habits In An Appealing Way

​​Spotify.Me Showcases Your Streaming Habits In An Appealing Way

Spotify is the biggest music streaming service on the planet and has more than 50 million paying subscribers. And now you can enjoy Spotify.ME, a service that gathers all the big data the service has on you in a funky-looking interface that shows you exactly what you’re listening to, and a whole range of other habits you have when using the app!

April, 2017
Don’t Let Your Memes Be Dreams With Me.Me

​​Don’t Let Your Memes Be Dreams With Me.Me

Memes are the voice of the Internet generation, like it or not. But now you can find the freshest new memes all in one place with Me.Me.

April, 2017
Travel.Me Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags Right This Moment

​​Travel.Me Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags Right This Moment

Travel.Me is Tui’s newest travel inspiration aggregator, and it looks amazing. Find the places you want to go, articles to read and more!

January, 2017
Telegram Expands Partnership with .ME to Offer Short Links for Messaging App

​​Telegram Expands Partnership with .ME to Offer Short Links for Messaging App

Telegram, a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed, expanded its partnership with .ME to offer shortened links for its more than 100 million daily active user!

May, 2016
CRM.Me Is The World’s First Gamified CRM

​​CRM.Me Is The World’s First Gamified CRM

Games provide you with a set of goals and achievements which you can accomplish, and those goals make you want to play more. The latest thing to be fully gamified is CRM or customer relationship management, and the site you need to check out is CRM.Me, the world’s first gamified CRM!

April, 2016
Domain .ME and Facebook

​​Facebook Launches M.Me Messenger Links

In an effort to make it simple for users to find and start a conversation with your business, Facebook launched Messenger Links – short and memorable vanity URL's that lead to your business' Messenger profile. Facebook uses your Page’s username and a premium .ME domain – M.ME to create a unique and branded short link ( that, when clicked, opens the conversation with your brand.

March, 2016
1 million strong

​​1 Million .ME Domains Milestone and More

Our community is officially more than 1 million strong, but that is actually not what makes us most proud. What we are really proud of is the success of aiming for something more than dollar value - we are recognized for our values, our community, our team, the image we have managed to create. Thank you for all your support and joining us on this crazy ride, here is to another million! ☺

March, 2016
Me-day 2016.

​Second Annual ME Day Celebration: Take a #MEDay, You Deserve it!

What was the last time you had a moment just for yourself? In an effort to turn #MEday into an international holiday, this year we decided to showcase the benefits of taking vacations and making time to pursue our passions and hobbies!

December, 2015

Need.Me Gets Sold for $25,000 at Sedo

Another great .ME premium domain name found its way to its new owners. We can’t wait for the website to go live!

November, 2015
PRSA Georgia Phoenix Award

We Won a PRSA Georgia Phoenix Award

Together with our partners in crime, Everywhere Agency, we received a PRSA Georgia Phoenix Award for our campaign at the premiere Latina entrepreneur and blogging conference, #WeAllGrow Summit in Los Angeles last March. ¡Genial!

October, 2015

500px.Me Marks The World’s Best Photo Stories’ Entry into China

Canadian online photography community is expanding to China to dramatically increase its user base of over 10 million monthly active users and it’s using 500px.Me to do it!

September, 2015
Ultra Mobile

Ultra.Me Tops the Inc. 5000 as America’s Fastest Growing Private Company

Ultra.Me, US-based nationwide mobile carrier, has been named Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Company in America for 2015 – topping the prestigious annual Inc. 5000 list!

September, 2015

PayPal.Me Is Your Personal Link for Getting Paid – Instantly

PayPal, an online payment solution giant, just launched PayPal.Me, a simpler way to request money using your own personalized URL.

August, 2015

Ele.Me, China’s Biggest Meal Delivery Service, Raises $630 Million

Are you hungry? That’s exactly what Ele.Me is asking you in the form of its short and memorable name.

April, 2015
.ME is 800 000 domains strong

.ME Is Over 800,000 Domains Strong

We are proud to announce that .ME domain name has passed 800,000 domain registrations! With two hundred accredited registrar partners and customers from almost every country in the world, we have managed to make .ME a trusted and global personal domain name.

March, 2015
.ME Day

Join Us in Celebration of First Ever ME Day!

We are initiating what we hope to become a global movement – a day designated to celebrating and sharing what makes each of us unique and to indulge, nourish and develop our personal passions and skills, a ME day.

December, 2014

.ME is proud to see that its community members are going forward every day wins contract to provide identity software for the US Government

Image Image Image Facebook launches four new apps in 2014, two of which can be regarded as separate entities from Facebook's platform and are hosted on .ME: &
April, 2014

Mercedes gets personal with

"" is a brand new digital platform by the Stuttgart-based premium automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, that promises to redefine customer care in the automotive industry - and beyond - by seamlessly integrating all service and mobility areas in a single digital space.

Top 5 sold domain names in 2013

December, 2013
KeyMe is an iPhone application that allows users to store, share, and duplicate their physical keys based on a digital scan that is stored in the cloud. For those who find themselves locked out, the app offers on-demand key delivery within 30-60 minutes.

Yet another exciting startup joins .ME family

KeyMe, a New York City-based startup that is revolutionizing the way people manage their keys, chooses for its online headquarters.

December, 2013
MakeMe gives users and their friends – regardless of where each of them lives and what their personal goals are – the structure to achieve and improve their life in a fun, social, and interactive way. MakeMe is private by default so players can post unflattering pictures, trash-talk each other for motivation, or ask for help when they are feeling run-down. Players get a full deck of playing cards to take days off, protect teammates, and deal with all of the challenges that pop-up when you want to stick to a personal goal.

MakeME joins .ME startup family

MakeMe, a mobile game that helps friends accomplish their personal goals by turning those goals into group challenges, registers a premium .ME domain

July, 2013 is a Single-Sign-On solution that solves the digital credentialing problem by instantaneously verifying a customer’s eligibility against an authoritative database and relaying a trusted response to the retailer. Today, the company’s partners offer benefits to active and former military personnel and their families, first responders, and students.

ID.ME Chooses .ME Domain for their Identity Verification Service

Top 5 sold domain names in 2012

March, 2012
Via.Me is an iPhone application that allows users to share pictures, video, audio and even stories across all their social networks. By distilling the function of several different applications into one easy to use stream, Via.Me users are able to utilize a variety of communication tools without leaving the app.

Via.ME goes live with a .ME domain name

Yet another example how .ME domain allows businesses to emphasize the personal aspect of the service and bring users an added layer of unique personalization.

March, 2012
Under.Me underwear is made to be soft and casual proving that classics can also be sexy. This online is offering a monthly subscription service so you can get your favorite skivvies automatically delivered right to your door. Created out of a love of underwear but a lack of time to shop for it, Under.Me offers a variety of underwear, socks, and tees for both men and women as well as a shopping experience that understands that your underwear is all about you.

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli launches Under.Me, an online lingerie shop with a personal edge and personal domain name.

November, 2011

Visa Introduces V.ME will be the online destination for by Visa, Visa's digital wallet and global acceptance mark. by Visa will be a simple and secure way to pay online as well as in person, with PC, tablet, and mobile devices using Visa and non-Visa accounts.

May, 2011
Ro.Me is the destination of a new music experience called “3 Dreams of Black,” by writer/director Chris Milk. The site, featuring the revolutionary and open-source 3D WebGL browser technology, was developed in partnership with Google and takes visitors on a visual voyage through three dream worlds.

.ME joins forces with Google

Google Secures .ME Domain for Revolutionary Web Project

Top 5 sold domain names in 2010

December, 2010 (offers registered users a simple platform from which to link multiple online identities, relevant external sites, and popular social networking websites. It is characterized by its one-page user profiles, each with a large, often-artistic background image and abbreviated biography.

A new member of .ME’s startup family

One of internet’s newest and most alluring startups,, launches with .ME - domain name compatible with its consumer centricity.

December, 2010
DNSSEC ensures that when a user requests a website, the correct address is both received and used for the connection. Without DNSSEC, a malicious attacker could insert the wrong address, directing the user to a forged website. DNSSEC adds digital signatures to the information in the DNS and automatically ensures users are not redirected to an unintended destination.

ME is all about user security

.ME domains get enabled with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

October, 2010

Time magazine gets its own branded .ME shortener

More and more companies are using custom URL shorteners to promote their brands by unifying their links across the web. One of them is Time magazine that gets its own

Top 5 sold domain names in 2009

December, 2009

Facebook follows WordPress's example and gets its own URL shortener -


.ME helps a friend get the girl

Our friend Matt Mansell registered in an original effort to propose to his girlfriend, Katy. She said "Yes" and the site was used as a way of informing guests how to get to the wedding, even allowing them to vote for songs to be played at the disco. The story was covered by BBC.

August, 2009

First Two-Letter .ME Domain -

WordPress Registers to use as an URL shortener and Becomes the First Two-Letter .ME Domain in the World.

August, 2009

Google Permits Geo-targeting of .ME Domains

Google allowed .ME domain holders to geo-target like any standard TLD, as opposed being treated like a regular cctld. This allows websites on .ME to rank well anywhere in the world, as opposed to ranking well only in Montenegro.

July, 2009

.ME gets to star in a movie

Universal Studios registered a .ME domain to promote its newest computer animated movie "Despicable Me".

Top 5 sold domain names in 2008


.ME as a game changer

Previously, when arbitrating in cases such as's, arbitrar used to take into consideration only part of the domain name that preceded the ".me" suffix. Fortunately for and many similar cases after it, a precedent was set with WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center stating that “the appropriate approach in this case to determining identicalness or similarity of the disputed .me domain name with the Complainant's trademark is to not ignore the ccTLD identifier ".me".

July, 2008

During the .ME land rush auction period, .ME Registry generated more than US$ 2,000,000 with names like and going to the highest bidder.

20th of July, 2008

Three days after its launch, .ME records its 100 000th registration

17th of July, 2008

A turning point

.ME opens registrations to everyone looking for a domain name that allows them to express themselves.

.ME carries meaning in English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Portugese and many others.

October, 2007
Afilias GoDaddy Menet

.ME Registry is founded as a joint venture between Afilias Limited, Inc. and ME-net Ltd.

September, 2007

.ME gets approved as Montenegro's country Top-Level Domain (TLD).

June, 2006

Small but beautiful Mediterranean country - Montenegro - gains independence.

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