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Meet the .ME team

We are a team of passionate and creative professionals that work hard on providing you with an easy way to market yourself and your business online and tools necessary to reach your personal and professional goals.

Predrag Lešić

Programmer, Sailing enthusiast, Visionary, CEO

Vision is Predrag’s middle name. He began his career as one of the original employees of the first ISP in Montenegro which was the spark that lit his passion for technology. Predrag’s talent for software engineering and his instinct for starting a disruptive business landed him a job in numerous tech and programming companies (including the national airline), where he consistently inspired his teams to innovate and strive for perfection.

Because he is ahead of his time his ideas may initially seem ambitious, but hey, look at where we are now! Without his long-term vision and the ability to see the bigger picture doMEn would have never achieved worldwide success.

Predrag strongly believes in the power and talent of young generations and his creative approach to mentorship has provided rocket fuel for the Summer school of programming and First Lego League, two initiatives that eventually became flagship CSR activities for doMEn. He also generously shares his enthusiasm for technology and innovation with numerous startup founders in the region and pushes them to make their ideas reality. His expertise in the startup industry is invaluable to Montenegrin tech community.

Interestingly, the qualities that make Predrag great at sailing (yes, he is a big sailing enthusiast) such as patience, determination and perseverance are also the principles that are deeply embedded in our company culture.

Sanja Lazović

Music lover, Fashionista, Olympic Level Accountant

If vision is Predrag’s middle name, then Sanja’s middle name is Style. A master of numbers and fashion connoisseur , she set the bar high when it comes to corporate professionalism. Sanja has been with doMEn since the very beginning and has spent the last ten years making sure the company runs like clockwork. Most importantly, we know that the Finance Department is in good hands.

The soul of the company, Sanja always sings along to the songs from the office playlist while she prepares complex financial reports and audits. And as if that isn’t enough, she has an excellent memory, and can easily remember the number of a five-year old invoice off the top of her head. If we had to describe how Sanja does her job in just a few words we would say “backwards and in high heels”.

Vuksan Rajković

Head of Business Development in EMEA, Master of Premium Domains, Analytical Thinker, Comedian

Vuksan joined doMEn as an intern, fresh from the university, and gracefully accepted the serious role of being the main point of contact for our partners from Europe and Australia. Over the years he became a true domain name specialist with an extensive knowledge of domain-related policies and processes, sales channels and b2b market- ing.

In addition, Vuksan manages .ME Premium Domain Program designed to match the most attractive domains with the innovative products and services that may contribute to the overall visibility of .ME domain. Some of the Program alumni Vuksan worked with include Facebook, Google, PayPal and SAP. His ability to understand how different cultures and businesses around the world use domains and his personal attachment to our premium names (he almost thinks of them as of his children) makes him the most competent person for the job. His analytical mind is a great asset to the company, and there is no better person to ask for assistance when you need an honest review of a blog post, contract, or a marketing program.

Even when deeply immersed in his work, he would suddenly crack a joke and the whole office will laugh hysterically. Most of those jokes have become the glue that holds the team together in the times of stress.

Bojana Popović

Dog Whisperer, Expert on the Chinese Culture, Head of Business Development in Asia

Bojana is an adventurous soul who moved to China from Montenegro to study Chinese language, economics and culture. Fortunately for us, she came back at the right time and helped us conquer the Asian market.

Bojana worked with different companies including Plantaze, the famous Montenegrin wine manufacturer, and ZTE Corporation, a telecommunications company based in China. Her dedication to our partners in Asia is so strong that she practically adapted her daily schedule to Chinese Mainland time zone which led to a great success for .ME domains in that market. Boja- na is a master negotiator and has a rare talent for finding the best presents and swag for our partners and end-customers.

She is also a member of many animal-support groups and a dog lover, which earned her an office nickname Montenegrin Dog Whisperer. Having in mind that she is very intuitive and compassionate person with great organizational skills (and that you simply cannot not like her) we might need to change that nickname to the Montenegrin People Whisperer.

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