.ME as Montenegro

.Me is a ccTLD of Montenegro.

Montenegro is a very small country, with little more that 600 000 people. Still, it is famous for its natural beauty and long, rich, history. Now, Montenegro is getting recognized for one more thing – .ME domain name.

It all started shortly after Montenegro gained independence in June of 2006, when the ISO 3165 Maintenance Agency assigned the emerging nation the country code ME. Proud of the country’s new-found sovereignty, the new government of Montenegro took important additional measures to formalize the country’s fledging independence. One such step was to submit an application to IANA for delegation of .ME as the country’s Top Level Domain (TLD). The delegation was finally approved and took place in September 2007.

Understanding that “ME” has multiple meanings and has mass appeal as a word, in numerous languages, the government of Montenegro embarked on generalizing the .ME name space so that anyone and everyone could enjoy obtaining a .ME for themselves. As a result, in November of 2007, a formal public RFP was issued to find a Registration Agent who could provide a world-class registry platform, run operations for an international registry, and deliver marketing expertise to make .ME a worldwide success. The contract was eventually awarded to doMEn, Ltd, a Montenegrin joint venture (doing business as .Me Registry), whose partners include Afilias Limited, GoDaddy.com, Inc., and ME-net Ltd.

Since 2008, when the first domain name was registered, .ME Registry has done its best to promote Montenegro and to take part in its development by being an active member of its community. As one of the leading companies in the IT sector of Montenegro, .ME Registry is concentrated on raising awareness about the importance of ICT and equipping its community, especially young people, with tools necessary to acquire ICT related knowledge.

Even though .ME has opened its doors to the world to everyone wanting to secure the most personal domain name for themselves, there are third level domains opened only for Montenegrin people, such as co.me, net.me, org.me, priv.me, and its.me.

ME-net is a Montenegrin company with a long history in the ICT sector in Montenegro, which includes successful privatization of the country’s largest ISP.

GoDaddy.com is the world’s largest domain name registrar and the largest paid Web host provider in North America.

Afilias is a leading registry services provider that supports more than 13 million domains worldwide.

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