.ME Montenegro School of programming organized – 9 years in a row

.ME Montenegro School of programming organized – 9 years in a row

For the ninth year in a row Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in cooperation with .ME registry gives a wonderful opportunity for talented primary and secondary school students in Montenegro to widen their knowledge of programming.

The school started on Saturday, 16th of September. Classes are going to be held on Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics classrooms and .ME registry premises. Students are divided into four groups: beginner group for primary school students, beginner group for secondary school students, an advanced group for primary school students and an advanced group for secondary school students.

In .ME registry, we recognize the importance of putting efforts into improving STEM education so, as a part of our investment in Montenegrin society, all classes are completely free of charge!

University professors working at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics as well as students from previous generations will provide talented future programmers with new knowledge.  

In order to give students’ knowledge applicable in any developed state, the organizers made the curriculum following the latest trends and good practices of countries with impressive results achieved in the field of programming.

As many students are from the North and the South of the country and the school is organized in Podgorica, we have online classes to they will be able to learn from their homes, while their school teachers will have all the materials to be able help.

School of programming Montenegro .me

If this is your first time at the programming school you’ll be a part of beginner group and you’re going to learn the basic concepts of Java. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to solve a given problem.

For those who are familiar with the program, we don’t have to explain further. You already know you’re in the advanced group. 😉 Just to remind you and those who already know a programming language that is designed for use in the Informatics Olympics (C, C ++, Pascal, Java), in this group, the focus of the work is on the various techniques of problem-solving and finding the most efficient algorithm.

Last year 70 students applied. This year, we’ve heard there is an even bigger crowd! We encourage you to invest in your future. Perpetuate learning is the only way to chase your dreams! And don’t forget, .ME is always there to give you a shortcut to the stars.  


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