.ME Registry Honors the First Montenegrin Informatics Olympiad Team

.ME Registry Honors the First Montenegrin Informatics Olympiad Team

First Montenegrin Students to Compete Internationally Commended for their Success

The International Olympiad in Informatics has started today and Montenegro is proud to have its representatives. In the eve of the event, the .ME Registry organized a press conference in order to honor the Montenegrin high school team leaving for Pattaya (Thailand) to compete with peers from over 80 countries.

From Montenegro to Romania and Thailand

The entire project “Olympiad” was sponsored by the .ME Registry and included 3 summer schools of computer science, tutoring on a regular basis and a trip to the Balkan Olympiad in Romania. Vuk Pejovic, Lazar Radinovic, Luka Bulatovic and Kosta Pavlovic excelled among more than 30 students and at the same time won the national competition in informatics becoming the first Montenegrins to go to this prestigious international competition.

The guests at the press conference were Her Excellency, ambassador of the United States to Montenegro, Sue K. Brown and Goran Sukovic, chief mentor and a professor of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Montenegro. Ms. Brown, ambassador of the United States to Montenegro, said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to be with you today to congratulate Montenegro’s future generation of leaders on your fine work over the past three years to prepare for the International Olympiad in Thailand later this month. Let me take a moment to congratulate Vuk Pejovic, Lazar Radinovic, Luka Bulatovic and Kosta Pavlovic on their dedication and hard work to prepare for the competition at the International Olympiad”

She also highlighted .ME Registry’s commitment to its “corporate social responsibility”:

“I want to commend DoMEn (.ME Registry) for taking an active role in supporting the ongoing development of Montenegro’s information technology sector.  The legacy that you are creating around the country will pay great dividends for years to come”.

Professor Sukovic shared his mentoring experience from the previous competitions at the national and regional level:

“It takes an extraordinary effort to prepare students, no matter how talented they are, for challenges like the Olympiad. It is true that we started three years ago, but our neighbors, Bulgaria and Croatia, have been teaching kids informatics since elementary school. It is very difficult to compete with them. I would like to thank .ME Registry for embarking on a project that would hopefully become the basis for a long-term and fruitful cooperation between the University and businesses.”

Finally, Predrag Lesic, CEO of the .ME Registry spoke to the press:

We are very glad to express our gratitude to everyone who took part in the project. As professor Sukovic said, this was just the beginning and there will be many more initiatives aimed at improving ITC sector in Montenegro and raising awareness about importance of computer literacy.

I would like to use this opportunity to announce that we are organizingWeb Fest, a big regional Internet Conference that will take place in Budva, Montenegro (September 22-23). In addition to regional experts, our guest speakers would be Tony Conrad (famous VC and co-founder of About.ME) and Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress). Feel free to join us and find out who are the people behind the most visited Web pages.



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