Meet Sai: A Web Developer Who Wears Many Hats

Meet Sai: A Web Developer Who Wears Many Hats

Did you know there are more than 20 million web developers worldwide? With such fierce competition, making it as a freelance web developer might seem almost impossible.

However, the success story of Sai Kovvur, an aspiring web developer from India and one of the members of our awesoME .MEr family serves as proof that everything is possible. 

You just need to believe in yourself. 

About Sai, the web developer you have to meet

about sai .me website

Saiakhil Kovvur is a Bangalore-based web developer who is an expert in taking your digital presence to the next level. After graduating from Sarala Birla Academy, a prestigious boarding school in India, Sai continued his education at New York University. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2019 and has worked on many successful projects since then.

As a freelancer, he also accepts other projects that come his way and align with his style and vision. Needless to say, he is also a good problem solver and an outside-the-box thinker with a creative spirit and a curious mind. No wonder that he has a lot of success at what he does. Moreover, Sai is knowledgeable, determined, hard-working, skillful, highly motivated, and ambitious – all traits essential for making a name for yourself. 

On top of being a developer, Sai has an admirable understanding of SEO, copywriting, eCommerce website design, and server administration.

Now, Sai’s thirst for knowledge helped him add more highly-coveted skills to his list. On top of being a developer, he has an admirable understanding of SEO, copywriting, eCommerce website design, and server administration. Talk about a jack of all trades! 

And, besides being into all things digital, Sai is equally passionate about some other things. For instance, the color black, traveling and paying tribute to our favorite feline overlords. Not necessarily in that order. 

About him as web developer

how web development job looks like

Prior to starting his career, Sai decided to focus on education and acquire as much knowledge as he can. Being a freelancer is definitely not easy. Surely, a good education can give you the advantage you need to overtake your competition. The opportunity to attend one of the best universities when it comes to computer science programs brought Sai his first software development projects even before his graduation. This helped him learn the ropes and start building his skillset.   

In 2017, Sai got an intern position as a frontend developer at CGI, a large Canadian company that focuses on information technology and systems integration. This internship gave him a chance to gain more experience. Also, to see how looking for a large company and being a member of a bigger team actually feels like. The next three years brought Sai many challenging and exciting projects. He’s collaborated with a wide range of companies and worked on the design and development of thousands of cutting-edge websites. 

In addition to having his own clients, Sai is working as a freelancer for Otis AI.

In addition to having his own clients, Sai is working as a freelancer for Otis AI, a digital marketing company based in New York City. Apart from that, he is constantly trying to grow his skillset and gain hands-on experience. This makes him open to all types of collaborations and projects, no matter how complex they might be.

Sai’s design process and its stages

sai design process and its stages

When designing a website, Sai goes through four stages that help him deliver results that matter. You know, the ones that will make you or your business noticeable in the crowded digital world.

#1 Brainstorming

Each time he starts working on a new project, the first and the most important phase is always brainstorming. This phase helps Sai fully understand the needs of both the client and the user. Effective brainstorming enables him to deliver designs that capture the brand’s essence and truly wow everybody who sees them. 

#2 Creating a design prototype 

To ensure he and the client are on the same page, Sai uses special software for creating a design prototype. This prototype looks like a real deal, so the client can get an idea of how the finished product will look like. 

#3 Development

When the project enters the development stage it means that the website is coming to life. The design is getting its final form and shape and each part of the puzzle gets placed exactly where it’s supposed to be. 

#4 Testing and delivery 

Once the website is finished, it has to go through the testing phase which serves to determine whether everything is functioning properly. If no problems are present, Sai delivers the website to the client. 

About his digital presence 

digital presence personal website

As a digital world connoisseur and young and up-and-coming freelancer, Sai understands the importance of building a strong personal brand. And in order to do so, you need to take care of your digital presence

First off, you need to find an online space that suits your unique character and feels like home. A personal and catchy .ME domain is what did the trick for Sai. The name of his website,, tells us there’s a real person behind the name while at the same time sends a call-to-action message to potential clients. 

When designing a website, Sai goes through four stages that help him deliver results that matter.

The design of the site itself reveals even more about Sai. It gives us the opportunity to see his creativity in action. The site has a simple layout and is easy to navigate. It uses contemporary, geometric design, paired with the black and white color scheme for a modern feel. As soon as a possible client enters Sai’s online home, they can immediately see whether they are a perfect fit or not.

And that’s exactly what a carefully designed and well-thought-out website should look like.

Parting words

No matter the industry you’re in, the key to success is finding a way to stand out from the crowd. Even more so if you’re a freelancer.

Sai did exactly that. Thanks to his knowledge, experience, uniqueness, determination and innovative spirit, he managed to get ahead in the highly competitive web design industry. 

Kudos, Sai, and keep on rockin’ the digital world. 


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