Meet Siamak: A Product Designer With a Unique Style

Meet Siamak: A Product Designer With a Unique Style

Being a product designer freelancer is not an easy feat. However, being a freelancer, in general, is a tough job, as every industry is more or less equally competitive. In order to make it, you need to ensure you are the one that gets chosen among the hundreds of others who might be equally (or more) qualified for the job.

Want to know what the best thing is? You totally have what it takes!

Well, for starters, you have an advantage over every other candidate – your uniqueness. You just need to find a way to show it to the world. 

Just like Siamak did. 

Who is Siamak?

who is siamak

Siamak Mokhtari is a talented product designer and front-end developer with more than 5 years of experience under his belt. Siamak lives and works in Tehran, Iran, where he graduated from the Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch. As a computer software engineer, Siamak has tried his luck at several different fields in the industry, including web design, user interface design, object-oriented programming, software development, and web application development and design

As a very ambitious young professional, Siamak used every opportunity to freelance. This seize-the-day approach got him working for a wide range of successful Iranian companies. Moreover, he took part in a variety of successful projects where he worked with the latest tools and technologies. This has helped him acquire new knowledge, get some practical, hands-on experience, and gradually grow his skillset.       

Siamak Mokhtari is a talented product designer and front-end developer with more than 5 years of experience under his belt.

Thanks to his hard work, dedication, creativity, talent, and professionalism, he managed to make significant progress in his career and establish a name for himself. Currently, Siamak is holding the position of a senior front-end developer and product designer at the HamrahCard company. 

What does he do?

Siamak has come a long way to become the valued professional he is today. His career actually started back in 2008, when he was still just a high-school student. He started as a freelance web designer and slowly worked his way up the ladder. What helped was his burning desire for knowledge – besides learning the ropes in high school, and later in college, he used every job opportunity to pick up a skill or two. He managed to master HTML, HTML 5, JavaScript, PHP, AngularJS, CSS, NodeJS, ReactJS, Git, and other essential tools. During this time, he won the prestigious Best Teenage Developer in Iran award. Something he is very proud of even today.  

what does product designer do

Immediately upon his graduation from high school, Siamak founded his own company, Unfortunately, this project was not so successful and the company did not live to celebrate its second birthday. 

However, this did nothing to waver Siamak from his intentions. On the contrary, he became even more determined to succeed and started working for various Iran-based companies. The following five years saw him honing his web development, design, user interface, user experience, and mobile app development skills. 

Today, Siamak is employed at the HamrahCard, where he is in charge of managing the entire product design team, redesigning and developing the main website, improving user experience, and ensuring that the mobile applications are working seamlessly at all times.

How does his online space look like?

how does an on line space look like

The first glance at Siamak’s website reveals one of his most prominent character traits – his uniqueness. From the striking design, unusual navigation, and bold site layout, to the highly personal .ME domain name – everything on the site speaks volumes about Siamak’s personality.  

Siamak decided to use his personal online space as a portfolio that showcases his skill, knowledge, and creativity. As soon as the page loads, you can immediately tell what he is all about and what he can do. The site’s design gives us just a glimpse into Siamak’s capabilities as a web designer. Logical site layout coupled with seamless navigation serves to show how user experience and interface design should be properly done.

Siamak is employed at the HamrahCard company, as a senior front-end developer and product designer.

The entire website is a portfolio of sorts and, since Siamak is still freelancing, this is an excellent opportunity for him to catch the attention of potential employers. In addition, he included all the major clients and companies he worked with, leaving no room for any uncertainties whatsoever.

To help us get to know him even better, Siamak did not forget to provide links to social networks that reveal a bit more about him and his work, such as LinkedIn, Dribbble, and Github. Of course, his contact info is readily available as well. This ensures that the whole process of getting in touch is as quick as possible.       

Why is a well-designed personal website important?

why is a well designer personal website important

Whether you are a product designer or not, a personal website is your ticket to creating a strong personal brand. This is of great significance no matter what your profession is but becomes crucial if you’re a freelancer. Every freelancer needs some kind of leverage when competing with a large number of people for the same professional opportunities. And a thoughtfully designed online home is exactly the leverage they need. 

Taking control of your digital footprint is essential in today’s digital-is-the-new-black and nothing-ever-gets-truly-deleted world. The best way to do so is to create your own website and be the only person in charge of what gets published. You can choose the type of content you’d like others to see, make changes whenever needed, and share the information that reveals the real you. And being the real you is what makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Siamak Mokhtari is another example of how talent, desire, determination, and hard work are crucial for becoming a respected professional.

Not to mention that a personal website is a wonderful chance for you to showcase all of that amazing work you did in the past. In fact, it’s a unique opportunity to create a completely interactive portfolio that will attract like-minded employers. So, don’t be afraid to be as creative, bold, and authentic as you can. After all, that’s how you’ll show possible clients that what you do and how you do it is exactly what they have been looking for!   

To sum up

Siamak Mokhtari is another example of how talent, desire, determination, and hard work are crucial for becoming a respected professional. 

However, having the knowledge, skill, and experience is not enough for attracting lucrative business opportunities. To make that happen, you’ll need to create a strong personal brand that’ll do you justice.  

This is just what Siamak did – and we have to say that there’s no doubt that he knows his way around branding.  

Congratulations Siamak, we are truly proud to have you on our team! 


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