NextTech.ME – Taking Agile Scrum To The Next Level

NextTech.ME – Taking Agile Scrum To The Next Level

Nowadays, being online is no advantage. Just about every business offers its products and services online. So, merely being online doesn’t cut it. That’s why online businesses try to boost their performance, improve their online presence, and reach the right audience. And channels for this are constantly changing, which is why an agile approach to business always helps.

And, if you don’t have the know-how, we know who has. 

For that matter, here’s a story of a team of experts who know how to create, design, deploy and support software for your business. is much more than that. Their IT services and solutions are all-inclusive and recognized all over the UAI and worldwide.

Why It’s Better To Opt For All-inclusive Digital Services

When I say all-inclusive, what do I mean? When choosing NextTech’s services, you can hire iOS, Android, PHP and Web developers, AR/VR experts, Blockchain experts, QA team, marketing strategists, and others.

Now let’s get going.

All the way from brand awareness to customers’ loyalty, your brand has a long way to go. Always be in front of your customers’ eyes and in their pockets on all their devices – it is an imperative of our time. Maximizing your online exposure means maximizing your business potential. 

All the way from brand awareness to customers’ loyalty, your brand has a long way to go.

Based in Dubai, near Burj Khalifa, NextTech offers an all-round service. Their talented team develops feature-reach and intuitive web and mobile apps for various niches. If you need an efficient, visually appealing, and user-friendly app for e-commerce, you can turn to them. Or if you are looking for the creation and implementation of a blockchain wallet, this team has what it takes.

The Agile Methodology – What NextTech.ME Is All About

Tailor-made software has its perks. A custom app exactly matches your needs and is in line with your business model.  And not only is your software unique. It’s also much more adaptable and secure. Not to mention that software maintenance is much more available than in the case of buying off-the-shelf software. 

Having your own personalized software is the alpha and omega of digital solutions. Sure, you can have your in-house team in charge just for software development. But it takes time, human resources, and management.

So, why not overcome the obstacles and outsource the professionals? They’ve been through the process hundreds of times. They already have the methodology and they are a well-coordinated team with clearly assigned roles that comply with the Agile approach.

Speaking Of Agile Methodology…

When it comes to DevOps development, NextTech.ME proudly points out that they stick to the Agile methodology. In their own words: “Agile methodology is our central power. We never negotiate on this.”

The Agile method is inseparable from Scrum. To wit: Agile is a set of principles, and Scrum is their implementation. 

The whole process is divided into shorter spans and adjustments are made in regular intervals, so continuous delivery is guaranteed. That way, the project is built around motivated individuals and not around comprehensive documentation. Some of the key values in Agile software development are commitment and openness – it is focused on people and flexible processes. 

Can It Be Applied To My Business Model, Too?

NextTech experts are IT service providers for the following industries: healthcare, education, logistics and transportation, cryptocurrency solutions, finance, and many more.

  • Healthcare app development and healthcare website development
  • Education – LMS, web-based training, learning portals
  • Effective Tracking, Process Automation, Security, Communication, Technology Implementation in Logistics and transportation industry
  • The NextTech team has already delivered hundreds of secure applications when it comes to Cryptocurrency solutions at enterprise levels
  • Finance – Banking app development services and banking website development services

And if you would like to be a part of the blockchain technology, but you don’t have a clue how to start, don’t worry! Just leave it to the experts. The NextTech team was proficient in this area from its very beginning. All you need is a blockchain consultation and a robust and secure app developed using the Agile methodology.

As they proudly point out:

“We believe in proactive monitoring, maintenance and consistent stability of the Blockchain apps created by the Blockchain developers in our team. Banking, Finance, Travel & Tourism, Education, E-Learning, Crypto Exchanges, Infrastructure Security are some industries we are adept at!”

Promising Company With the Base of Satisfied Clients

The numbers speak for themselves. With more than 70 professionals that have successfully served 150+ clients (startups, SMEs, and enterprises) in 50+ countries, along with 550+ apps delivered, NextTech is beyond the ordinary IT firm. They are on the next level. Or to cite their own words: 

“We believe in the next level, and we go any route to achieve it.”

“We believe in the next level, and we go any route to achieve it.”

Their trump card is their competency in many fields encompassing all aspects. From marketing strategy,  AR/VR,  IT consulting, cutting edge crypto, and blockchain technology solutions… Their blend of versatile services, methods, experience, and technology is something that both clients and end-users just love. That’s why their client retention rate is high. 

Way to go, NexTech!


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