Notebooks And Summer School For The Best Students

Notebooks And Summer School For The Best Students

.ME Registry Awards Winners of National Informatics Competition for Secondary School Students and Sponsors the Summer School of Informatics

PODGORICA – Montenegro, June 14, 2010 – The national competition for primary and secondary school students in science, history and foreign languages organized by the Ministry for Information Society, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Examination Center, proved to be very successful project gathering hundreds of students from all regions of Montenegro.

Aware of the importance of the new educational trends, especially those in the field of information technology, as well as its corporate responsibility, .ME Registry strongly supported the project and joined as one of the sponsors. At the award giving ceremony on June, 11th 2010 the Registry gave notebooks to the winners in the field of informatics.

However, this is just one of the many steps undertaken by the Montenegrin ccTLD Registry with the aim of promoting information society in Montenegro. More importantly, the Registry continued with its own long-term project of organizing additional tutoring and providing useful, practical experience to the most gifted high-school students in the field of informatics to prepare them for upcoming international competitions. The project is carried out in two phases – teachers work with the high school students throughout the academic year and in the end they have Summer School of Informatics where they attend lectures and workshops presented by professors and associates from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics. This year Summer School will be held in Kolasin, a small town in the northern region of Montenegro.



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