Optimize.ME: The Shortest Path Towards Steady Personal Growth

Optimize.ME: The Shortest Path Towards Steady Personal Growth

Personal development is a powerful process that can change the entire course of a person’s life. Perhaps the biggest misconception about it is that it should only be practiced by the people who are unhappy with their lives, depressed or even suicidal. The truth actually is that personal growth is something every person can benefit from, especially when you use it as a modeling tool to sculpt both your present and your future.

However, personal development isn’t always successful, and there are several main pain points that tend to hinder the progress. They include:

  • Expecting the results to magically appear without any actual work
  • Faking progress and lying to yourself about headway  
  • Bogus life coaches who are in it only for the money
  • Investing too much time in it (self-development is necessary, but it should not take up 100% of your spare time)
  • Having a negative mindset about the whole process from the get-go
  • Expecting growth to be linear

The good new is there are personal growth experts and organisations out there who genuinely want to help people overcome their fears and improve the overall quality of their lives. Optimize.me is one of those teams. They thrive on helping people optimize their lives and achieve their best self, regardless of how cliche this phrase has become.  

How to Optimally Optimize your Life Each Month

Yes, we are well aware of the tautology in the subtitle above as that is exactly the main point of the self-improvement process. Personal growth is not something one can start and finish in a definite time period. It is an ongoing process that lasts, well, an entire lifetime, and it needs to be approached smartly and carefully.

They thrive on helping people optimize their lives and achieve their best self

According to Brian Johnson, the mastermind behind the Optimize.ME project, you can better your life and start your personal growth journey in just 3 steps:

Focus on getting more wisdom in less time

The folks over at Optimize know how busy our lives have become, which is why they strive to come up with practical yet fun methods to supply their customers with informative, inspiring and empowering wisdom that they can immediately apply to their everyday life thus turn theory into practice.

Upgrade and optimize every aspect of your life

Brian offers effective Master and Original Classes for optimal living, alongside extremely useful and mind-opening Philosophers’ Notes section that can help you build healthy habits, beat procrastination and discover your true purpose.

Become a member of a world-class personal growth community

When you join a community of 10,000+ other humans who are also trying to optimize every aspect of their lives, you get a bonus boost in your confidence, motivation and overall enthusiasm.


Optimize.me has an entire section dedicated to great books, notes and eBooks that tackle a cornucopia of potent ideas about optimal living and self improvement which are then boiled down into inspiring, practical and fun PDFs and MP3s files. The ideas and methods are cherry-picked from 500 greatest and most powerful self-improvement and personal-growth books that will provide actionable words of wisdom and inspire you to keep on building your persona on a daily basis.

Here’s what Randy Eisenman, Managing Partner, Satori Capital, had to say about PN:

“PhilosophersNotes is an idea whose time has come. Starting from some of the world’s most important books, Brian’s masterful syntheses combine deep insights, humor, and practical applications in a manner ideally suited for our busy lives. I’m hooked!”

About Brian Johnson

Brian is a philosopher turned founder/CEO who now works as a professional optimizer and thrives on absorbing knowledge, embodying wisdom and using his knowledge and experience to help people get back on the right track and optimize their self-improvement process and thus change the entire world for the better, one person at the time.


A lover of wisdom, a philosopher. I was obsessed about understanding what makes great people great

Brian Johnson

Brian as a Philosopher

At the age of 26, Brian sold his first business eTeamz (link available below) and decided to take some time off and think about what he would like to do with his life. This is when he realized he was, in his own words: “a lover of wisdom, a philosopher. I was obsessed about understanding what makes great people great,” says Brian. “What is it about that .0001% of people in the world who truly optimize their lives, actualize their potential and give their greatest gifts in greatest service to the world? And… enjoy the process!”

He decided to scrape 100 most actionable books and guides on optimal living and boil it down into PDF and MP3 summaries

He started to read, travel, write and think quite a lot, so he created a successful daily newsletter in order to share his thoughts with other people, but soon realized he needed some money yet again, which is when Brian founded his second business Zaadz (link also available below). Once this company too became lucrative, he sold it in order to have some more time for self-growth, and this is when Brian got his Ph.D. in Optimal Living.

Brian realized he could interconnect 3 following niches:

  • ancient wisdom
  • modern science
  • practical tools

For his Master’s project, he decided to scrape 100 most actionable books and guides on optimal living and boil it down into PDF and MP3 summaries, and thus the “PhilosophersNotes” project came to existence ,and Brian realized he could turn it into a profitable business through which he could share his knowledge, experience and wisdom in order to trigger confidence, productivity and genuine happiness in persons he worked with.

Brian as a Founder/CEO

During the process of learning/reading/writing/teaching, Brian managed to raise $10m and develop, aside form Optimize.me, two other market-leading social platforms (eteamz + Zaadz).

Here’s a quick look at each of them:


This is a family oriented social platform created for people who are involved in various youth sports. eTeamz serves around 3m teams around the world, with Little League Baseball being one of the most famous companies that utilize their technology.


Zaadz is a social media platform made for people who truly are the change we want to see in the world. The platform raised $3m from various investors one of which is John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods). Mackey and Brian became friends, while Brian says he sees Mackey as one of his mentors.


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