.ME Partners

We couldn’t have been so successful without our partners, registrars through which services everybody can register their preferred .ME domain.

.ME domains can be registered only through .ME accredited registrars or their resellers. Any company which fulfills Application Process requirements can become an accredited .ME Registrar.

Advantages of becoming .ME accredited are:

  • Get domains at the base cost directly from the .ME Registry
  • Run the .ME Registry’s promotional program and earn a discount 
  • Get special co-marketing opportunities and joint marketing options
  • Get access to .ME marketing kit with cool banners, videos and the most recent updates
  • Join .ME social media community and BE PROMOTED!

Read more about details of the process of accreditation.

Or you can always become a reseller of a .ME accredited registrar. There are currently more than 190 accredited registrars

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