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Lessons We Learned About Personal Branding

By Sanja Gardasevic, December 16, 2014

These past two months have been all about personal branding for .ME team. We were on a mission to educate college students and recent graduates about the importance of personal branding for their academic and professional future.

Our online identities have become a proof of our existence and credibility, for brands and individuals alike. Just think, how many times have you Googled a company you wanted to buy something from? How many times you Googled a person you wanted to know more about? Did the information you found influence your decisions and actions?

The problem lies within the fact that majority of information found about us online is made available by our social media accounts, which may show us to be an avid sports fan or great dancer but tell nothing about us as competent professionals. .ME team wants to give their users their online identities back by giving them unique destination for their online persona.

We published a series of blog posts about personal branding and managing your online presence with the goal of providing students and graduates with the knowledge and tools necessary to display their skills and competences in the best light and stand out from the masses. Our goal was to educate others but we learned a lot ourselves and these are the key messages we tried to communicate with each post. Enjoy!


Sanja Gardasevic

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2 responses to “Lessons We Learned About Personal Branding”

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