.ME Personal domain for personal website – Alex Nikiforov – UX/UI and visual designer

.ME Personal domain for personal website – Alex Nikiforov – UX/UI and visual designer

Being a graphic designer myself I was given the task to find good .ME examples of graphic and visual designers. One of the people whose work stood out was Alex Nikiforov.

Alex is a user experience/user interface, and a visual designer from Ukraine with over seven years of experience. He has worked on business and startup projects. He designed over 150 projects in Healthcare, Blockchain, Electric vehicles, Marketing, Social, Geo-based, and other spheres. His website http://getvision.me is the concentration of his work experience and a hub for his online portfolios.

Alex Nikiforov

During his career, he had few different websites and all of them ware attempts to create a site-portfolio with a blog and professional articles. Due to a large number of orders gradually he ceased to keep a blog and update the portfolio and dedicated all his time to clients.

Being a part of the design community on several professional networks he decided to create a small website with greetings and links to portfolios, personal and professional pages. It’s how http://getvision.me sprung up. He updates the text there on the web page from time to time. He keeps portfolios on Behance and Dribbble and updates them regularly. His personal site has a role of a business card – a first impression, main info, and an invitation to begin a cooperation.

Alex Nikiforov

I always associated .ME domain with something personal. That’s why I can’t imagine my personal website using any other domain.

As an independent designer, he wanted to emphasize his individuality and own style and believes a domain of his website plays a significant role.

He uses different social media like Facebook because it gives him a mix of personal and professional, LinkedIn gives him more space for detailed work experience description. He publishes his case studies on Behance, and Dribbble and is an active part of Behance community. Not long time ago he organized Behance Portfolio Review. It was a first suchlike event in his city. Designers from all over his country gathered together for a successful event that will surely happen again.

Alex Nikiforov

I enjoyed researching Alex’s work. It is full of creative solutions and he cultivates a clean design approach. His involvement with the design community and creative energy makes us proud to have him as a part .ME family.


Masa Elezovic

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