Living and working in the times of pandemics made us all learn several valuable lessons. One of them is that our companies must be adapted so they can thrive in the digital world.  Remote employees make up a significant percentage of the workforce. Thus, training employees how to use enterprise software becomes all more complexstuff

We’ve all heard about car leasing. And car-rental is a well-known and established concept all over the world. Now, somewhere in between the two, there is Liigu.  Simply put, Liigu is a car-rental service that gives you all of the benefits of owning a car without actually buying it. The process is extremely simple. Allstuff

It is true that imagination will take you anywhere. But deep research paired with a distinct problem-solving approach will beyond doubt take you to the top. Zealous dedication, in-depth research, and superior analytical skills are what helped Ciara Green, a user researcher and anthropologist, reach vertiginous heights in her industry.  Ciara’s achievements set her apartstuff

We all dream of having fulfilling careers. Of doing something we are passionate about. And this makes us work harder and improve our skills. As a result, we become the best version of ourselves! However, people still get stuck pretty often at jobs they do not fully enjoy. So they feel trapped and unable tostuff

There is one thing all industries have in common: a constant drive for innovation, growth and creativity. Enter Steve Schlafman (, a venture capitalist who seems to have an investment hand in all segments of life. You name it. From car insurance and organic feminine care products, to micro-schools, support for survivors of assault, andstuff

Today we bring you a story about a brave, enthusiastic, and fearless blogger. She is an inspiration to us all to follow our dreams and do what makes us happy. Em, as she casually refers to herself, wanted to run away from her boring, desk-bound job that was draining her out. Her wish was tostuff

Life has convinced us numerous times that our education does not have to strictly determine our career path. And that the skills we gather along the way can take us somewhere we have never dreamed of. Meet Claire Muller, software engineer at Re:amaze who is a perfect example of that. Claire’s educational background has nothingstuff

“Never regard study as a duty”, Einstein once said. Rather, regard it “as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong.” What better way to introduce youstuff

You ever wondered what happens when a complex system is under rapid changes? Does it thrive, collapse, or merely survive? And how can we make sure it doesn’t fail? Taylor Pearson ventured to answer these very questions. So he wrote two books, “Markets are Eating the World” and “The End of Jobs”, and many essaysstuff

Creative people have the power to bring out the most beautiful sides of cities, people, and everyday objects. They inspire the world by showing how breathtaking it actually is. One of these people is our .ME family member Paul Jun. A photographer, storyteller, creator, and brand strategist, Paul uses his creativity to write texts andstuff

Marco Rodrigues - A Ditial Designer With A Unique VIsion

Not every digital product designer manages to find that sweet spot between user-centered solutions and a design that has a unique, personal touch. Enter, Marco Rodrigues. Marco is a digital product designer with over 12 years of experience designing digital products. He’s helped numerous teams create great UX and UI designs. His solutions are alwaysstuff

The road to success is rarely smooth. Successful people really had struggles to overcome and lessons to learn. Some people, like the .MEr we are happy to present to you today, make it their mission to teach and inspire others. Chioma Agbahiwe is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and certified skin care formulator. She can injectstuff

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