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The Premium domain program is designed to match the best .Me domains, (which have been reserved by the .Me Registry and are not available to the public) with the best projects, services and websites.  We invite all businesses, large or small, existing or start-up, to submit an application to use one of these great, rare names. Once an application is submitted, the .ME team reviews it and the applicant is contacted.

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Premium domain list
Please read Allocation criteria and read through the Allocation agreement prior to applying.

These memorable .Me domain names are perfect for any company that wishes to brand themselves as unique and personal, or launch a new product using an exclusive name.

Why Premium Domains?
A domain is often the name of the business, service or product. The better a domain name is (i.e. short and memorable), the greater the odds that it will be recognized and memorized. With the vast number of online businesses and services, the difference between success and failure can be whether or not customers remember and become emotionally attached to the name. A great name also ideally explains the business and marketing message, making your domain work for you on every level.

Premium domains are typically one to five characters in length, common terms or key words and have a built-in call-to-action. Companies register these names because they understand the power of strong branding and the inherent marketing value in a short, personal, memorable domain.

How does this program differ from the way companies normally purchase Web domains?
Generally, companies may register available (unreserved) domains through their preferred registrar or, as is typically the case, a company may also offer to register a domain that is already registered and/or currently in use directly from its “owner”. However, if a company seeks a domain that is a common word or a keyword, this can be prohibitively expensive or lead to long, cumbersome URLs that are a vague variation on the name of the company, product or service. The .Me Registry created The Premium Domain Program to avoid this problem.

As premium domains can be rare and often inaccessible, the .Me Registry reserved many key-word and common term domain names for future use by creative companies, online communities, startups and entrepreneurs with great ideas and valuable services.

Why Doesn’t The .Me Registry Sell These Domains?
Our goal is to assign the very best premium domains to the best content. If we sold them outright, large domain portfolio holders who don’t intend to build websites or offer services would likely purchase these domains. We reserved these domains so that they would be available to be used by companies, businesses and startups that provide a quality product or service. Ultimately, this has far greater value for our domain (.Me).

How valuable are these domains as Web properties?
The meaning and often length of a domain determines its value, much like location determines the price of a physical property. Through The Premium Domain Program, we assign a premium domain almost every week. We have assigned .Me domains at auctions for prices ranging between USD 20,000.00 up to USD 70,000.00. Some of our end-customers have also had 6-figure .Me sales. However, the real value of the domain shows through its use. For instance, Meet.Me, was sold for half of a million dollars. It’s like buying a piece of land, and then building a house; the quality of the house, land and neighborhood all contribute to the price. The “neighborhood” of .Me domains is extremely valuable. Some of the best and most successful startups, (which raised significant investments) and biggest brands are already part of the .Me family.

How Applicants are selected:
Our decisions are made based on a solid business plan, the quality of service to be provided and references of the applicants.

Previous Applicants include: WordPress, Google, Facebook, Visa corp, Time Magazine, Delicious and The New York Times.

Application Form and Guidelines
In order to participate in the Program, applicants are required to apply. If necessary, applicants can send additional information in a PDF document they will entitle “Application Supplement” and send to vuksan [at]

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Please read Allocation criteria and read through the Allocation agreement prior to applying.

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