.ME Premium Domain Names

.ME Premium Domain Names

.ME Premium Domain Names are highly valuable .ME domains often found in common language, such as keywords, abbreviations or call-to-action domains which naturally create a catchy marketing message. They are reserved for the most innovative ideas and businesses out there, and that just might be you!

Imagine buying a concert ticket for your all-time favorite music band. You’ll give your best to find a ticket for a fan-pit, rather than being stuck somewhere in the 100th row unable to see a thing. Yes, it will cost a little more compared to the regular ticket, but the possibility of shaking hands with frontman is priceless! Or, if you’re the biggest fan of them all, you’ll probably raise a loan to buy a VIP package so you can chill out with the band later. No judging here!

“We chose ‘WA.ME’ to be the URL for brands because it’s short and memorable, and will help WhatsApp connect more people with businesses and organizations they care about.”

Carl Woog, spokesman for WhatsApp

This analogy can be applied to the premium domain names. If you want to create a memorable marketing message, engage more people and build a unique brand YOU GO PREMIUM.

.ME Premium Names are highly valuable .ME domains, such as key-words and call-to-action domains which naturally create a catchy marketing message. Just try to forget a service called About.ME, Return.ME or Join.ME. Mission impossible!

To date, hundreds of .ME premium names have been already turned into successful online services generating millions in revenue. But there is also plenty of them left waiting for a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas. Check them out below:

How to get a premium .ME domain?

Register it through your favourite registrar

As of March 4th, 2020, .ME premium domains will be offered via your favourite registrar. To register a .ME premium domain you just need to “Previously, .ME premium domains could be registered via auctions, our Premium Domain Program, and, most recently, through Afternic at “buy-now” prices. Making them directly accessible to millions of entrepreneurs, startups and individuals is the ultimate step in releasing our best .ME domains into the wild. dotME has always been and it will always be about YOU!” said Predrag Lešić, CEO of domain.me. Read more about it here.

Premium Domain Program

You can apply for a premium .ME domain through our Premium Domain Program.  Premium Domain Program is designed to match the most attractive .ME domains, which have been reserved by the .ME Registry, with the most innovative projects, services, and websites.

We invite all businesses, large or small, existing or in a startup phase, to submit an application to use one of these great, rare names. Once an application is submitted, the .ME team reviews it and the applicant is contacted.

Application Form and Guidelines

In order to participate in the Program, applicants are required to apply by filling in the Application Form. The application guidelines are provided in the form and, if necessary, applicants may send additional information entitled “Application Supplement” to vuksan [at] domain.me.

For more information visit our FAQ premium domains section.

Criteria for Allocation of Premium Names

There are some criteria that you have to have in mind when you are applying:

“When we were deciding on a domain name for our website, we were looking for one that would reflect the personal connection that we wanted our brand and service to have with our users. The .ME domain provided just that and we are very happy with our decision to go with it.”

Lucas Alner, CEO Diagnose.ME

  1. The premium name you are applying for must be used as the primary URL for a web site, a product site, or a service site.
  2. The web site, product, or service cannot contain or promote sexually oriented material or advertising.
  3. The applicant (i) cannot intend to use the name for personal use, (ii) cannot apply as an individual, and (iii) cannot be a sole proprietorship.
  4. The applicant must be able to demonstrate significant traffic, or make an offer of a one-time payment that does not include annual registration fees.
  5. Applicant must agree to the other terms of the template agreement, including a minimum 3 year term and restricted rights during that minimum term.

Why Premium Domain Program?

“When we saw that the ID.ME was available, we were so excited. In four letters, we are able to accurately capture the essence of our brand – digital identity and personalization. I believe .ME is the next frontier for premium digital properties.”

Blake Hall, ID.ME

Generally, companies may register available (unreserved) domains through their preferred registrar or, as is typically the case, a company may also offer to register a domain that is already registered and/or currently in use directly from its “owner”. However, if a company seeks a domain that is a common word or a keyword, this can be prohibitively expensive or lead to long, cumbersome URLs that are a vague variation on the name of the company, product or service. We created the Premium Domain Program to avoid this problem.

As premium domains can be rare and often inaccessible, we reserved many keyword and common term domain names for future use by creative companies, online communities, startups and entrepreneurs with great ideas and valuable services.

Who are Premium Domain Program Alumni?

“.ME domains are perfect for the user centric web. After all, it’s all about you.”

Ryan Fujiu, About.ME

Premium Domain Program Alumni are established companies such as: WordPress (wp.me), Google (ro.me and g.me), Facebook (fb.me and m.me), WhatsApp (wa.me), Time Magazine (ti.me), Viber (vb.me), PayPal (pp.me and paypal.me), SAP (build.me), Telegram (t.me), Mail.ru (ok.me and tt.me), but also startups like: maps.me, store.me and tomorrow.me.

Make sure your domain name sends the right message! Apply for a .ME premium domain today by filling in the Application Form here.

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